Winter is my excuse…


Although I am not one to revel in the cold weather (in fact I am feverishly counting the days until Spring as we speak), I have found that winter can be good for some things.


Winter is an excuse for:


  • Hodge-podge parking (otherwise known as make your own parking space when you can’t see the lines, as close to the building as possible is encouraged)


  • Glowing white skin is accepted; no more dealing with pesky, stinky and sometimes orage self-tanners!


  • Laziness–what else is there to do when it’s so cold outside?


  • Weight-gain; who can tell with the layers and layers of clothing, besides it seems like light years until warm weather anyway…worry about it then.


  • Drinking mass quantities of coffee, tea and other hot beverages–gotta warm up inside, right? No one notices the caffeine jitters, they think you’re just cold.


  • Saving money– who needs to buy so many razor blades to shave?


What’s your ‘blame it on the winter’ excuse?

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