Why Bruce Lee must wear tighty-whities…

Since I started taking taekwondo I began obsessing about my underwear.               

No, this wasn’t what I thought would be my concern as I entered a room full of varied colorful belts while mine was still stiff and lackluster with no stripes or color.  But I’d decided long ago that white pants would never be for me,  besides them being terribly unflattering and having to worry just where you sit down (ask my sister about the caterpillar she sat on once- not a flattering image to wear on your rear)   you’re virtually walking around displaying your gutchies through the fabric.
                 Because you can’t tell me if you see someone coming at you with a black belt, looking all Bruce Lee-like and you notice their leopard or SpongeBob underpants  peeking out through the fabric, you’re gonna lose some of that intimation you’d initially felt.  Sure, they may still kick your butt, but at least you’ll be laughing as you go down.  That saying about picturing everyone in their underwear to relax during public speaking had it right. 

          So here I am, still wearing my white, stripe-less belt.  Initially I blamed my lack of progress on many things, but finally I realized, when my first thought on taekwondo day has to be “am I wearing the right underwear”, it’s no wonder I have yet to memorize the form.  But like Mom always taught me, I may be in an unflattering, high-waisted pair of white britches, I may never earn past my white belt, but if I’m in a car wreck on the way to or from class I know I will have on clean…beige…underwear. 

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