Confessions of a Blistex-aholic

My name is Maureen and I’m a Blistex-aholic. My addiction began in Junior High. I remember my first giant tube of pink bubble-gum flavor lip gloss (actually it’s more like lip wax). Its ghostly outline permanently deforming the tight fitted fabric. The circumference of a small flashlight protruded from the back pocket of my Jordace jeans while a pink wide-tooth, long-handled comb peeked out from my other pocket. 

Sitting was often challenging or resulting in the ejection, and possible loss, of the tube. Perhaps that’s what led me to obtain spares and stash them so I’d never be without. Then I moved onto the other stuff, Chapstick. Packaged in smaller containers. Easier to conceal, while giving more pack to your punch. No longer needing the false sweet flavors infused into the gel.
But, alas, even that began to fail me as I became immune to its abilities to refresh my barren lips. That’s when I moved onto the hard stuff. I’ve never been able to leave it, ahh Blistex.
I can’t be without it. Just the thought leaves me longing for a swipe of its cool, refreshing-ness across my lips. I’m not ready to quit, it’s part of who I am. I envision people recalling me as “you know the one, the one that always has the Blistex?” Granted I’m hoping it’s not the only thing I’m remembered by as I picture mourners showering me with tubes of Blistex instead of flowers.

It’s kind of one of my character traits. What would Harry Potter be without his trademark glasses? Sherlock Holmes without Watson? Popeye without his spinach? These little things make a character real to the reader, endearing them to their heart. Because we are all unique in our own way.

So…are you brave enough to share your addiction?


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Blistex-aholic”

  1. Lynne MarshallLynne Marshall

    In the last few years I have become hooked on the listerine stips. Those tiny paperlike things that come in a dispenser and disolve on your tongue. You have to buy them in threes, so I always have them, and people know who to come to for a strip if needed. They give me false confidence, but I need all the confidence I can get when in social settings, so there you go!
    I do like chapstick too, though.

  2. MaureenMaureen

    Lynne, I bet you always have the freshest breath 🙂 thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

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