Two heads are better than one

“They’re out!” I bolted upright in bed, jarred awake from intermittent sleep. While seeking precious minutes of slumber, my mind was accustomed to every sound the house made and those of the two that dictated our every hour… the twins. Different noises indicated a need to eat, be changed or just the plain ole’ pay attention to me now! But this sound was nothing like I’d heard before. It was the sound of rummaging around in the nursery. Unless we’d been invaded by garden gnomes that spoke twin-speak… the girls had gotten out of their cribs.
Rushing in, I found Laken gleefully clutching all of the binkies she’d gathered that had been tossed out during the night. I’d learned early on the best method to reduce mama-calls was to strategically place about six binkies throughout each crib. Several were in her mouth and the rest clutched to her chest as she sought more of this glorious treasure. While Yasmine, already a clothes-horse, was tearing clothes out of their dresser. Layering several tops with no regard to coordination, as if a tiny homeless person wearing all of her possessions.
Already almost outnumbered and desperate to maintain our precarious control, my husband, Jamie, and I pondered our next move. The next morning, Jamie heard the tell-tale sounds of a breakout in progress. Creeping over to the cracked nursery door with camcorder in hand, he captured the escape on tape. Laken, already showing signs of fearlessness, was at the head of her crib reaching through the bars to scale onto the changing table separating the two cribs. Hefting herself onto the table, she took a short break to play with the toys kept there for entertaining during changing sessions and then proceeded over to the other side where Yasmine awaited instruction.
Laken began babbling and gesturing to Yasmine as if explaining the method of escape and the spoils that waited. After much words of encouragement, that only those understanding twin-speak could decipher, Yasmine replicated Laken’s actions. Taking a few minutes to celebrate their success, they donned bonnets left there and tossed around a baby wipe or two, and then Laken turned to shimmy down the front of the changing table, using the shelves as a ladder. Plopping onto the floor, she gestured and babbled at Yasmine to do the same, who then followed suit. Both peered around, cooing at their liberation.
Unwilling to grant unsupervised freedom at this young age, and the girls unable to understand enough words to suffer through lectures of hidden threats that awaited in the seemingly innocent nursery, I did the only thing I could… I moved the changing table.
For some liberties, though sweet, are meant to be waited for. Now… if only I could use the same method of entrapment in their coming teen years.

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9 thoughts on “Two heads are better than one

  1. Mackenzie Crowne

    They’re adorable, Maureen. And resourceful from the sound of it. But don’t worry, as they grow, so will you, discovering inventive ways to harness their natural exuberance while helping them find ways of capitalizing on it.

  2. Lynne Marshall

    Hi Maureen – wonderful post. I could “see” everything. So cute. My mother used to swear that my brother and sister (twins) had their own language. Recently there was a video on YouTube that went viral with twins talking (babbling) to each other, and it was hysterical!
    Is Laken still the leader?
    You’ll have your hands double full. Good luck!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the blog.

  3. Katherine

    I have twin nieces who when they were toddlers seemed to have a language all their own. They’re 14 years old now and still communicate with each other in a way that no one else can understand. They can have an entire conversation consisting of nothing but half finished sentences and completely understand each other. They’re identical twins (well, not so much any more, one of them has dyed her beautiful blonde hair dark brown.) and I often wondered if the fact they were identical had anything to do with the way they communicate with each other.

  4. Maureen

    Thanks so much for visiting ladies! Sorry for my delayed response- a little under the weather today.
    Thank you for your kind comments. So appreciated! I do believe I have grown…much more resourceful to keep up with my Plus I have endless stories… Laken does remain the more daring one 🙂


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