Monday Musings…

It’s Monday and instead of all the ‘Monday moaning’ that come standard with this day of the week, I’ve decided to look on the bright side a little so…
  • I don’t think I swallowed the back of my earring that I feared to have taken a dip in my tea in it’s haste to escape when the earring itself bounced off the side of the mug, although it remains MIA so it may appear later on some part of me like misplaced body art
  • I’ve also learned that there’s all kinds of crap on the ground.  Due to my recent back injury, when I tried to start getting back into shape and resulted in me walking hunched over, giving me the appearance of an eighty-year old lady (the getting into shape part? Not working so good for me right now, unless the shape I was going for was a ‘C’.)  
  • This helped in my quest for the missing earring back today, but instead of finding it I’ve discovered other crumbs, tidbits and unidentifiable items that didn’t blend into the multi-colored office carpet. You know the kind, the stuff that’s awesome when you don’t have time to run the vacuum because everything that falls onto it disappears as if it’s went into the Bermuda triangle, but not so awesome when it’s impossible to find something you’ve dropped one second ago.                                               (See… there could be a body hidden in there and you’d never know it!  Wait, is that Waldo? 😉
  • In keeping with the eighty-year old lady disguise, I chose to try to stretch the office nylons policy with my Capri’s by wearing knee-highs rather than thigh highs or full hose.  This works well with my hatred of all things nylon, wearing less of them is fine by me (I always knew they had to be invented by a man; a quick internet check confirmed what I already knew).  Although I found knee highs don’t work as well when you sit down while wearing Capri’s.  The elastic securing them is revealed, thus reminding me of my grandmother.  All I need to do is roll down the top of my stockings to secure my eighty-year old status as I hobble around holding my back with my head hanging forward as if I’m in the market for a cane or riding scooter. 
  • My back is improving= I was able to sneeze without screaming as if being beheaded as every muscle contracted in my back.
 So all and all, I’d guess it’s been a good Monday so far.    
P.S. For your Monday Glee, here is Scruff’s Monday face, and his Tuesday face, and his ‘I probably ate the back of your earring and possibly the body that could’ve been hidden in that carpet’…

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