On your mark, get set…

Once again I’ve committed myself to NaNoWri this year.  Despite doing this for ummm…multiple years I’ve yet to ‘win’ and my family still seems quite confused as to what I’m talking about.  Although my husband did have a similar reaction to the word NaNo, bringing memories back of the old television show (see more about this on my post on November 4th at Paranormal Romantics… oh you’re saying how do I know what I’m going to say on the 4th when today is only the 1st?  Because I’m going to WIN this year (see my comment above and note how I’m giving myself this pep talk– don’t they always say if you think it you can achieve it?) I scheduled that blog post early so I have more time to write my NaNo novel.  
Usually when I’m writing the character tells me the first line and off the story goes.  A title usually comes to me pretty easy, although this time I’m wondering if my NaNo title will stick.  The title emerged as “GRANDMA MUST DIE”… It’s a paranormal romance, so I’m wondering if that title might be a hard sell, so for now the working title was changed to “FOR THE LOVE OF GRANDMA”… this was it sounds a little more warm and fuzzy.
Speaking of which- I’d better get writing!

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