Spotlighting The Wild Rose Press author Shereen Vedam’s The Misspelled Charm

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              The Misspelled Charm

                                           by:Shereen Vedam 

The battle against magic is easily won, but not even magic can truly control love…

To Kord, witches are a necessary evil. They cast charms for good weather and crops, but otherwise they’re best avoided. But when Kord succumbs to a love spell and starts yearning for a woman he’s never met, he refuses to let magic control his destiny. He tracks down the witch responsible—only to discover she is the irresistible woman of his dreams.
Like her mother and grandmother before her, Charmaine casts charms for a living. As a witch, she spends her life helping others, not being helped. So when her spells begin misfiring, she has nowhere to turn. Until a handsome farmer arrives demanding she break a love spell, and Charmaine realizes he holds the key to her misspells. But what if solving his problem comes at the cost of her heart’s desire?
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 55
Word Count: 14107
978-1-61217-174-6 Digital
“Looking for light?” a male voice asked.
Charmaine’s heart leaped in fear.
A lantern shutter lifted with a clank and dim yellow radiance spilled out to highlight a stranger’s large booted feet and handsome angles on his face.
Her hand scrambled for the door handle at her back. “Who are you?”
“I said I’d come today.”
She paused, uncertainty and hope struggling for dominance. “You’re the man who wrote about the love charm? Why didn’t you come to the shop below? How did you get in here?”
“My business is private. I came through that window. You should fix its broken latch.” He had a strong, calm voice, one that she instinctively wanted to trust. Despite him saying things that should alarm her, her tension dropped. In its place, surprise reared. Why would this man need a love charm? He looked the type to have no trouble finding a mate.
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