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I have been invited to join the…My Writing Process Blog Tour. I want to thank my friend and fellow author Sophia Kimble who invited me to participate in this tour. Stop by her Blog to find out a little more about her upcoming release from Soul Mate Publishing entitled, Protect Her. 
(I was lucky enough to get a little of the inside scoop on this novel and her current WIP, and I must say, we are all in for a real treat with Sophia Kimble’s writing! Sexy and sassy 😉 

What Am I Working on Now?
Currently I’m editing my Paranormal Romance, DESTINY CALLING, which is to be released by The Wild Rose Press


Seeking vengeance for the life she’s been denied, Hope Hallows discovers the family that abandoned her, as well as breeding grounds for malevolent beings which feed off others’ despair. With the ability to infuse euphoria, or utter desperation with her touch, Hope is forced to face both her inner demons, and the ones walking the earth. As she struggles with forgiving her family, and forgetting the man who’s enticing her with the power of the Underworld, she discovers she’s a pawn in a bigger game played by a merciless ruler who doesn’t lose.

In addition to that, I’m polishing my humorous,Paranormal Romance, GRANDMA MUST DIE to get it ready to send out.


Sassy, Carman Frost has reluctantly protected the secret of her magic blood more vigilantly than her mother’s true age. Wearing out more last names than impractical shoes since her grandmother was executed for witchcraft.  But when her mortal friend’s grandmother is infected with more than being a crabby old lady, Carman must decide if trying to cure the deadly, contagious spell is worth exposing herself as a witch and risking her family and the love of a Magic Bounty Hunter, before the infection spreads to both mortal and those of magic blood.

How Does my Work Differ from Others in the Genre?
I have a good bit of humor in my writing.  Although I love a good villian, sometimes the biggest threat from them may be excessive sarcasm 😉 I like to think of my writing as ‘book candy’. Something that is hard to just read one page. It’s light-hearted and warm and gives a nice escape from the stressors of the everyday world.

Why do I Write What I Do?
I can’t help it. Really, I’ve tried to write a story without any out of the ordinary elements and magic, but somehow it always sneaks in there. My characters are usually living in the ordinary world with a little bit of extraordinary sprinkled in, so it happens easily enough.

How Does My Writing Process Work?
The character usually starts talking to me with the first line of the story. I know that and the name of the book before anything else. Then I listen. I’m pretty much one of the seat-of-your-pants writers and have been trying to get myself to outline a little more so I don’t have as many edits after.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more. 

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  1. sophiakimblesophiakimble

    Great post Maureen! I absolutely adored Destiny Calling.

  2. MaureenMaureen

    Thank you sophia! So glad you could stop by.

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