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I never win anything…until today 🙂
I was lucky enough to be chosen as making it through the first round (by being selected by a rafflecopter) for Brenda Drake’s contest The Writer’s Voice.  In which I will post my query and the first 250 words of my manuscript GRANDMA MUST DIE, and then wait to see if I am selected for the next round.

Please consider my Paranormal Romance with humorous elements entitled, GRANDMA MUST DIE. It is complete at 71,000 words. 
Sassy, Carman Frost has reluctantly protected the secret of her magic blood more vigilantly than her mother’s true age. But when her mortal friend’s grandmother is infected with more than being a crabby old lady, Carman must decide if trying to cure the deadly, contagious spell is worth exposing herself as a witch, before the infection spreads.
When Magic Bounty Hunter, Dylan Winters, needs escorted to the secure banned books, Carman jumps on the chance to get a look at the spell books, and Dylan. Inadvertently discovering her grandmother’s magic chest releases Carman’s suppressed power, which is almost more embarrassing than the bun she’s forced to wear at work. But the appeal of the same immense power her grandmother was executed for may be more tempting than the smell of a mortal man.

Dylan’s sleeve of tattoos and magic paraphernalia hint of the past he swore off when his brother died from a hoax spell. Desperately seeking a method to identify those of magic blood, he suspects Carman might hold the key to this secret. Although his inability to separate passion from professionalism has him wondering if she’s put him under a love spell. Convincing Carman to help him results in her mother being arrested, and more secrets than her magic blood being revealed.

“I think I’m going to have to kill Grandma Louise.”
Carman’s laugh died on her lips because Reed looked serious. She studied her best friend. She knew Reed’s face better than her own, and couldn’t recall ever seeing it look so distressed. “You’re joking, right?”
Reed’s expression didn’t falter. Unblinking, with her mouth in a tight line…she didn’t look like she was joking.
“Oh come on, she can’t be that bad?” Carman took a sip of iced tea. She’d always considered Reed’s grandmother like her own, even called her grandma. Until she was told to call her Louise, and stop making her sound like an old lady.
Reed stood from the kitchen table and walked over to the counter. Leaning back against it, she crossed her arms in front of her. “You have no idea.”
“She’s probably just feeling all achy and sickly.” Or however it is mortals feel.As a witch, Carman had never had a cold. Let alone experience caring for someone with chronic illness like Reed had to for years.
Reed’s laugh held no humor. “Achy and sickly? How about monstrous and bitchy?”
“Sure Louise can be a little crabby now and then.” Carman offered up weakly. Well, okay it was more often than not lately. “It can’t be easy being–”
Carman caught herself before she said mortal. Mom would kill me if after years of hiding it, I just blurt out how we’re of magic blood. “Old.”

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