The results are in! Find out what a girl wants for Valentine’s Day.

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Thank you for joining in the weekly celebration of the Candy Hearts Romance Series and the countdown to Valentine’s Day.

Don’t worry-  the party’s not over. It’s just getting started!

The results are in for What A Girl Wants For Valentine’s Day. Plus, find out about how you can meet over twenty of the Candy Hearts Romance authors tonight!

Join me tonight for a Facebook Party right here, along with over twenty other authors from the Candy Hearts Romance Series. You’ve been getting a taste of these sweet stories for the past six weeks- come meet the authors! They’ll be fun, games and prizes. You don’t want to miss it!

If you’re not familiar with what’s involved with a Facebook Party. Check out my post here at Paranormal Romantics.

Want a quick review of the Candy Heart Romances? Check out this video by Sydney St. Claire:

Video by Sydney St. Claire

Without further ado, here are the results from the Countdown to Valentine’s Day…

Your Valentine would like to spend the day together hiking. Then she’d prefer that you cook dinner at home for her, and then cuddle on the couch to watch a movie together. She’d adore a gift of flowers or something else extra special.

For all the specifics-  check out the results below!

(32%) Chocolate or ( 39%) Flowers (29%) Other

Other included: A living breathing hunk! A night on the town. Out to dinner. Some extra sweet attention. A gift certificate. Jewelry. Something special like a TV or DVD movie/series

(36%) Dinner out or (67%) Cook for me at Home

(29%) Out to the Movies or (71%) Cuddling on the couch 

(57%) A Jewelry Surprise or she wants to (0%) See it with her own eyes (43%) Other

Other included: Roses. A Horror Movie Gift Basket. Rest.

(20%) Dancing the night away or take a (60%) Hike during the day (20%) Other

Other included: Lounging in the forest with a basket of sweets.

( 83%) Just the two of us or the ( 17%) More the Merrier


So tell me…how do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day? 


Still not sure what to do? Check out more ideas for your Valentine’s Day and all the Candy Hearts Romance Books on my Pinterest Page

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