Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads

Looking for some Sizzling Summer Reads? Like to play games?

Look no further! My question is up today at The Romance Reviews! 

To play you need to register and be logged in at TRR before they can play the game. Registration is free and easy. 

The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads

  • Has more than 150 participating authors and publishers.
  • There are more than 150 prizes up for grabs during the whole month of June.
  • Grand prize is $100 Amazon Gift Certificate!


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Winners and Prizes:

Winners will be randomly selected by the system and the sponsors notified by email. The list of winners each week will also be posted on the site.The decisions of the contest judges are final.
The prizes must be accepted as awarded. No exchanges allowed. For non-cash prizes, these prizes are not convertible to cash.
For ebook prizes, winners hereby agree not to distribute the ebook via email or upload to a file sharing website or via any technology presently in use or yet to be invented. Distributing ebooks is a violation of the author’s copyright, and violators will be fined and prosecuted.
Each person can only use one account in entering the contest. Suspicious duplicate accounts will be investigated and all wins in all accounts will be invalidated.
If you won a prize but no one has contacted you within one week of the announcement of winners, kindly contact event @
Week 1 Prizes

Broken Survivor by Jennifer Labelle (ebook)
Willpower by Anna Durand (print)
Updrift by Errin Stevens and a sea charm bracelet (print)
Pistol Fanny’s Hank & Delilah by Annie Rose Welch (signed print)
Blood Surfer by Debra Jess (ebook)
In His Keeping: Taken by Mia Frances (ebook)
Must Remember by Colleen S. Myers (ebook)
The Sun King by Sandra Kyle (ebook)
A Knight to Remember by Anne Barwell (ebook)
Death Wish by Megan Tayte (ebook)
Friends and Lovers by Sloan Parker (ebook)
The Caress of a Commander by Linda Rae Sande (ebook)
Early One Morning by Aubree Lane (ebook)
Siren’s Snare by Crystal-Rain Love (ebook)
Maid For The Billionaire by Ruth Cardello (ebook)
The Seventh Son by Ashley York (print)
Unforgettable Lover by Rosalie Redd (ebook)
The Runaway Millions by Parker Avrile (ebook)
The Dirty Secret by Kira A. Gold (ebook)
Fairyproof by Constance Phillips (ebook)
Daniel’s Duty by Josie Dennis (ebook)
Murphy’s Law by Pamela Jo Edwards (ebook)
Dark Captive (Manlove Edition) by Lea Bronsen (ebook)
Enticing Her Unexpected Bridegroom by Catherine Hemmerling (ebook)
Vampires Bites Boxed Set by Gina Kincade (ebook)
Lord Bachelor by Tammy L. Bailey (ebook)

Week 2 Prizes

The Pirate’s Duchess (A Regent’s Revenge Novella) by Katherine Bone (ebook)
Pairing Off by Elizabeth Harmon (ebook)
Catch My Breath by Lynn Montagano (ebook)
Profile of Terror by Alexa Grace (ebook)
In His Keeping: Taken by Mia Frances (ebook)
I Dream of Dragons by Ashlyn Chase (audio book)
I See You (Come to Your Senses #1) by Susan Reeves (ebook)
Tinman’s Heart by S. Carman Knight (ebook)
Super Starrella by Aurora Springer (ebook)
$25 Gift Certificate to winner’s choice of one of the following: Amazon, Kobo or Barnes and Noble (sent over email)
The Betrayal by Marina Martindale (print)
Built For Power by Kathleen Brooks (ebook)
Somewhere In Time by Robyn Peterman (ebook)
Reflection (A Whitney Steel Novel, Book One) by Kim Cresswell (ebook)
Strategic Alliance by Vanessa Liebe (ebook)
My One And Only by Terri Osburn (ebook)
One Night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas (signed print)
Going All The Way by Megan Ryder (ebook)
My Alpha by Jianne Carlo (ebook)
Reclaiming Forever by Larynn Ford (print)
Ceiba’s Grace by Nicole Pouchet (ebook)
The Runner’s Enticement by Addie Jo Ryleigh (ebook)
The Book of Life (Illuminati Book 1) by Elizabeth Alsobrooks (ebook)
$25 Amazon Gift Card from Magda Alexander (sent via email)
Melting Shadows by Rhea Rhodan (ebook)
Fierce & Fabulous by Elizabeth Varlet (ebook)

Week 3 Prizes

Kiss of the Virgin Queen by Sharon Buchbinder (ebook)
Blood Ties and Leather Restraints by Sierra Brave (ebook)
Can’t Forget by Colleen S. Myers (ebook)
A Man of Character by Margaret Locke (kindle ebook)
One Step Further (ebook)
In His Keeping: Taken by Mia Frances (ebook)
Married for the Boss’s Baby by Susan Carlisle (print)
The Royal Street Heist by Scotty Cade (ebook)
Last Resort Love by Holly Cortelyou (ebook)
$10 Amazon Gift Card from Diana Layne (sent via email)
The Memory of Roses by Blair McDowell (ebook)
Shifting Magick Trilogy box set by Lia Davis (ebook)
Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor (ebook)
Tangled Sin by Georgia Lyn Hunter (ebook)
Submission and Surrender (ebook)
Baiting Trouble (Sinful Business 2) by Marie Astor (ebook)
The Misbehaved by Jessica Jayne (ebook)
The Clam Festival Murders by Laurel Richards (ebook)
Vibrizzio by Nicki Elson (ebook)
Council Courtship by Constance Phillips (ebook)
His First and Last by Terri Osburn (ebook)
Forget Me Not by Maureen L. Bonatch (ebook)
Vexing Voss by Gail Koger (ebook)
Red Velvet Rose by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku (ebook)
Dante’s Gift by Aubrey Wynne (print)
Stockholm Diaries, Melanie by Rebecca Hunter (ebook)
Signed copies of Alien Attachments and Rebellion by Sabine Priestley (paperback)
Guide Me by Chelsea Brighton (ebook)
$5 Amazon Gift Card (gift card)

Week 4 Prizes

At His Command by Ruth Kaufman (ebook)
Behind the Scenes by Natalie J. Damschroder (print)
The Guardian by Jacquie Biggar (ebook)
Moonstone Conspiracy by Elizabeth Ellen Carter (ebook)
Song of the Blackbird by DB Michaels (ebook)
Charm Me by Tena Stetler (ebook)
Tell Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant (ebook)
Sins in the Sand by Kait Gamble (ebook)
Stefan of Caeli by Aurrora St. James (ebook)
Fairyproof (The Realms Salvation Book 1) by Constance Phillips (ebook)
Fairyproof (The Realms Salvation Book 1) by Constance Phillips (ebook)
Our Now And Forever by Terri Osburn (ebook)
$25.00 Amazon Gift Card from Terri Osburn (sent via email)
Fated Love by Susan Boles (ebook)
Winning Ben by JoMarie DeGioia (ebook)
Waking Amy by Julieann Dove (ebook)
Glimpse Eternity by Ryan Jo Summers (ebook)
Buchanan House by Charley Descoteaux (ebook)
The Letting by Cathrine Goldstein (ebook)
Demon Duke by S.J. Frost (ebook)
The Runner’s Enticement by Addie Jo Ryleigh (ebook)
Catch Me If You Can by Juliette Cosway (ebook)

eXtasy Books
Pocket Books
Loose Id
Gallery Books
Soul Mate Publishing

Why me, of course! And also- wow! Look at all these awesome authors!

Constance Phillips, Lecia Cornwall, Kira A. Gold, Addie Jo Ryleigh, Larynx Ford, Marina Martindale, Errin Stevens, Jenn Langston, Kayden Claremont, DB Michaels, Diana Layne, Gail Koger, Cali MacKay, Jaime Reese, Alexa Grace, Jianne Carlo, Rebecca Hunter, Jeanette Winters, Lea Bronsen, Gina Kinkade, Mia Mitns, Vera Roberts, Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, Jessica Jayne, Kathryn Freeman, Juliette Conway, Aurora St. James, Laurel Richards, Nicki Elson, Kait Gamble, Aubrey Wynne, J.S. Scott, Ashlyn Chase, Susan Carlisle, Jennifer Labelle, Normandie Alleman, Dariel Raye, Margaret Locke, Ruth Kaufman, Nicole Pouchet, Vanessa Liebe, Anna Durand, Kahlen Armes, Elizabeth Alsobrooks, Crystal-Rain Love, Rachel Rossano, Pamela Jo Edwards, Michelle Jo Quinn, Cathrine Goldstein, Nicole Morgan, Audrey Bondurant, Rosalie Redd, Lisa Marie Rice, Susan Boles, Sloan Parker, Josie Dennis, J.M. Danny, Julieann Dove, Jacquie Biggar, S.J. Forst, Ryan Jo Summers, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Elizabeth Harmon, Terri Osborn, Sabine Priestley, Morgan O’Reilly, Colleen Myers, Aubree Lane, Lia Davis, Magda Alexander, Katherine Bone, Debra Jess, Karyn Good, Annie Rose Welch, Blair McDowell, Kelli McCracken, Felice Stevens, Deanna Lynn Sletten, Kathleen Brooks, Tena Stetler, Rhea Rhodan, Clair de Lune, Holly Cortelyou, Kim Cresswell, Anne Barwell, Natalie J. Damschroder, Sandra Kyle, Catherine Hemmedling, Linda Rae Sande, Megan Taste, Meredith Bond, JoMarie DeGioia, Charley Descoteaux, Elizabeth Varlet, Teri Riggs, Claudia Connor, Mia Frances, Megan Ryder, Sharon Buchbinder, Marie Astor, Rena Koontz, Lynn Montanan, Alyssa Drake, Georgia Lyn Hunter, Sierra Brave, Annette Blair, Amy J. Hawthorn, Robyn Peterman, Chelsea Brighton, Ruth Cardello, Morgan Kay, Scotty Cade, Mia Moore, S. Carman Knight, Tammy L. Bailey, Ashley York, Susan Reeves, Parker Avrile, Nikka Michaels, Cassandra Piat, Aurora Springer

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  1. Alicia DeanAlicia Dean

    Wow, sounds like a great way to discover new books and win prizes!

  2. M.J. Schiller, Romance AuthorM.J. Schiller, Romance Author

    Love how you spelled it all out in your post! I enjoy playing the TRR games, especially the memory one where you have to turn over cards and find matches (or in this case, book covers). It’s addicting! Thanks for sharing this information, Maureen!

  3. susan coryellsusan coryell

    There’s something for everybody here. Thanks for posting!

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