How to Rediscover the Magic of Bicycling

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I’m so glad you stopped by to join me on a magical adventure that stems from childhood and provides that same feeling of freedom and escape from the daily worries of life- bicycling. 

Bicycling Opened up new roads

When I was a kid, I practically lived on a purple bicycle. It was the closest thing to flying and way faster than walking. Although I enjoyed it, for the most part, it was a means of transportation.

Then I grew up. 

Once I got a car, I didn’t ride a bicycle anymore, I didn’t need to. Bicycling was for kids, anyway, wasn’t it? 

Then, a few years ago, my hubby decided to begin bicycling in addition to our walking routines as another form of exercise. I was wary to join him.

I hadn’t been on a bicycle in….many, many years. I was older now, and the ground seemed much further down than it had on the small bicycle of my youth. Plus, I was more aware of how I could break things. Ie: bones & other body parts.

Then there was the whole thing about using hand brakes that had me visualizing myself becoming airborne over the handle bars if I pressed too quickly. 

Evenbicyclingtually, I relented and got a bicycle. Despite my reservations (and the lack of bicycles with the brakes on the pedals like the old-fashioned ones)

I didn’t choose a purple one, but instead choose one that resembled the bicycle I remembered my older sisters and mother riding.

I graduated to the adult bicycle. 


Bicycling Gave me Wings

Once I got the hang of it, I couldn't believe I hadn't considered the fun of riding a bike. Click To Tweet


  • I was able to explore new places in an area I lived in for years, that I hadn’t even realized existed. 
  • I gained a better appreciation about the beauty of Pennsylvania
  • My hubby and I grew closer as we explored the countryside together and found new bike trails 
  • I’ve viewed hidden wildlife up-close. Such as a turtle, deer, a porcupine, a multitude of chipmunks, an occasional groundhog, and unfortunately- too many little snakes. 
  • I gained new muscles, and endurance, but most of all- it was as if I’d rediscovered my lost youth 

The Only Other Way I Can Escape Better than on a bicycle is Through Books

bicyclingWhen I’m on a bicycle, my mind can wander (except for examining all of the sticks on the ground to make sure none are snakes!). 

My chores and responsibilities are blown away as the wind whips through my hair (okay, around my helmet- I am still doing a little ‘adult-ing’ & worrying about breaking things.) 

My muse comes alive and I work through story lines, as I enjoy the beauty surrounding me. If you’ve read any of my stories, (Especially Destiny Calling) you’ll see that I incorporate some of my countryside into the setting and the stories. 

Occasionally there might be a bit of a sinister edge to my stories  of the woods, but that’s all part of the magical mysteries hidden within the foliage.

I’ve only ever achieved such peace through writing or reading books. It’s a joy to discover that something so simple can reap such rewards. 


What’s your favorite childhood pastime? Do you continue to do it today? 

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53 thoughts on “How to Rediscover the Magic of Bicycling”

  1. MaureenMaureen

    Peeps- there are some technical difficulties with the links to the other blogs – I will get it updated as soon as it is corrected. I apologize!

  2. Alicia PearceAlicia Pearce

    Beautifully evocative post, almost makes me want to learn how to ride a bike!
    I’d have to say my favorite childhood past time was spending time talking with my friends. And yes, I’m still at it 😉 !

  3. Marilyn BaronMarilyn Baron

    I used to ride a bicycle to get around in college but haven’t been on one since, although I’ve ridden on the back of a motorcycle, which I also haven’t done in years and probably won’t do again. Habits from childhood? Eating chocolate chip ice cream. That habit it still with me.
    Marilyn Baron

  4. Marilyn BaronMarilyn Baron

    Oh, and of course, reading. I still do that in a big way.

  5. Sorchia DuBoisSorchia DuBois

    My bike was my best buddy when I was a kid. My son did a cross country trip from Missouri to Colorado last year–he was planning to go further but the money ran out. We are planning another try with me as the support team maybe next year. Great post–i can see how cycling can summon the muse!

  6. Kay LawsonKay Lawson

    My bike was my buddy when I was a kid–I can see how riding it will summon your muse.

  7. Judy Ann DavisJudy Ann Davis

    Nice post. The once thing that brings back all my thoughts and memories of my childhood summer is red raspberries. I buy them in the store as soon as they are available and savor the flavor which takes me back to our farm in northeast Pennsylvania when life was simple and red raspberries could be picked along the roadways where they grew wild.

  8. Pamela S ThibodeauxPamela S Thibodeaux

    My favorite childhood past times were reading and yes, I still do both today…more reading than horseback riding though.

    Good luck and God’s blessings

  9. Marissa GarnerMarissa Garner

    Great post! As a Marine Corps brat, I moved a lot, and my bike was the only friend I didn’t eventually have to leave behind. That loneliness was also the reason for my other childhood pastime: writing stories.

  10. Nancy BurgessNancy Burgess

    Enjoyed your post.Riding a bike was one of my favorite pastimes.I loved reading and swimming.

  11. Kara O'Neal (@KaraONealAuthor)Kara O'Neal (@KaraONealAuthor)

    I loved my bike! It took me everywhere. I lived for the moment when I would get home from school and hop on my bike. I also loved dodgeball. That was a GREAT game. What a sweet post. Thanks for helping me go back in time.

  12. TenaTena

    I too recently took to biking, only mine is a mountain bike. I love riding trails, the wind in your hair. I share the fee of breaking something, unlike in my youth when I was indestructible. LOL But so far so good! Thanks for the ride down memory lane.

  13. Alicia DeanAlicia Dean

    Wow, love this! I never really learned to ride a bike. My parents were a bit over-protective and would hardly let us out of their sight, so I wouldn’t have been able to ride one all that far. BUT, your time on your bike sounds magical! I am jealous. Maybe I should see if an old dog can learn a new trick. 🙂 The blog hop sounds like lots of fun!

  14. Linda NightingaleLinda Nightingale

    You’ve made me want to buy a bike! I’m too clumsy to ride one. I like horses–leg at each corner!

  15. Anni FifeAnni Fife

    Love your post, even thought biking is not my favorite, I suddenly had the urge to grab my dad’s bike and hit the beach roads! My favorite thing as a child was collecting shells on the beach. I am delighted that i have been able to rediscover this wonderful pastime. Happy summer 🙂

  16. Sophia KimbleSophia Kimble

    Oh, I loved my blue Schwinn Cruiser Bike. Used to ride everywhere. Sometimes with my best friend on the handlebars, and sometimes without any hands on those bars. Ah, I loved the freedom! When I got a bike ten years ago, it took quite a while until I could ride with no hands. Riding a bike you never forget, balancing and riding with only your legs? uh, not so much. 🙂

  17. susan coryellsusan coryell

    I used to roller skate and ice skate as a kid–oh–and climb trees. Well, now a bum knee and a bad back and, let’s admit it, a loss of balance prohibit all these pursuits. Also, the neighbors would think me crazier than ever should they catch me in the top of a tree! But, I do walk, kayak, golf and practice yoga as regularly as possible. New tricks for an old dog. Thanks for a fun post!

  18. bn100bn100

    go to the beach; yes

  19. Leah St. JamesLeah St. James

    Thank you for the lovely reminder, Maureen! I also used to bike all over the place–to my friends’ homes, to school. Our moms didn’t chauffeur us all over creation like today….although I know times have changed! I remember the exhilaration of coasting with my hands off the handlebars, arms stretched out, as if I were flying. What a great feeling. I did some bike-riding when my kids were little. I strapped my youngest on my back in some sort of special contraption, and we rode through the neighborhood. That “baby” is now in his mid-20s and set to be married next year. Time flies. Thank you again for the great memories.

    • MaureenMaureen

      Thank you so much for visiting, Leah! I’m glad to help with the walk down memory lane 🙂

  20. CB ClarkCB Clark

    Great blog. I also love bike riding. There’s nothing like racing along a trail on a bike. I recently completed a three week trip cycling through Central America…something I couldn’t imagine myself doing. It was incredible.

    • MaureenMaureen

      Wow! That sounds amazing!

  21. Lori SizemoreLori Sizemore

    You make biking sound so fun! Like you, I have wonderful memories of biking all over as a kid.

    I recently tried riding (on the back) of a motorcycle for the first time with my husband. It was just the freedom you describe.

  22. Kayden ClaremontKayden Claremont

    I haven’t been on a bike for years and years. Now I’m thinking about it as a new hobby. You book sound very interesting.

    • MaureenMaureen

      Thanks Kayden! So glad you stopped by.

  23. Kimberly KeyesKimberly Keyes

    I’m still riding my bicycle, too. This summer I did a bike trip through A coastal region of Spain, and that was pretty ambitious for me. I found out I really do have quad muscles in my thighs, haha, previous to the trip I only appeared to have duos. 🙂
    I get that creative energy that comes from exercising–I get some of my best ideas while running.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Grandma must die, huh? Time to go check out some of your books, too.
    Kimberly Keyes

  24. Brenda SparksBrenda Sparks

    Great post. My favorite childhood activity was playing video games. I rarely get to play any more.

  25. Jana RichardsJana Richards

    You make me want to get out and bike! I don’t even have a bicycle anymore, but I used to love biking as a kid. I’m so glad you’ve found such peace, not to mention a source of enjoyable exercise. Good for you.

  26. Hywela LynHywela Lyn

    Great post Maureen – you on a bike sounds like me on a horse! I can totally lose myself while out riding and many are the stories I envisaged, while on the back of a horse, riding in the Welsh mountains and beautiful countryside! I never learnt to ride a bike – my sister and I had a choice as youngsters, a bike or riding lessons. She chose a bike, I chose horse riding, having been mad on horses ever since I was tall enough to pat one on the knee!

  27. JeannieJeannie

    I love using nature as an inspiration to write, too, Maureen. Though I do it on my feet instead of a bike. Great post! 😃

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