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Each week I spent countless hours reading emails luring me in to check out promises of stellar writing, cool new gadgets and ways to make my life better. Well…sometimes there’s a little bait and switch going on. Once I arrive at the link’s destination, I often find it’s nothing that I haven’t seen before, or at best it offers advice most would consider common sense.

But sometimes…I discover what I consider little nuggets of gold nestled. That’s why I keep looking, because I never want to stop learning. 

What I’m going to give you, is the gift of time by sharing some of the resources I liked the best this week.

Here are some of my favorite, or most informative posts/resources for this week.  

I hope you find some useful resources 

Because every writer wonders how much is too much when commenting on social media sites.

Are You Annoying on Social Media? 

Find out how to not drive your fans, family and friends away by checking out this article Here

25 Power Words to Drive More Engagement with your Social Campaigns

Is anybody even listening to what you (or me!) say? Here’s some tips on incorporating some power words into your headlines and posts. 

How to ‘Un-Stock’ Your Photography: 8 Examples That’ll Change the Way You Choose Photos

I love a good picture, and these examples are pretty nice! Good ideas to consider for professional work as well as just taking personal photos. Enjoy it here

The 3 Vital Steps to Getting a Hiring Manager’s Attention on LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn is still somewhat of a mystery to me I read a plethora of articles about it and sometimes gain a fraction more understanding. The article also drew my attention because I spend a large amount of time interviewing and hiring. Check it out here

Did you find any treasures, hidden gems, or new resources this week on the internet? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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