Story Snippets & Other Buried Treasure

   Have you ever found a story, or something on the computer that you don’t remember when you wrote it or where it came from? 

As a writer this has happened to me more than once when I’ve stumbled across an unfamiliar piece of a writing. My reaction has ranged from a pleasant surprise when a story grips me as fresh and new as one from another author, (I wrote this?) to complete horror that the beastly writing existed and dared show it’s prose from where it lay buried in the depths of the computer. 

    Today I came across this little gem, a piece of Flash Fiction (a 100 word or less story). For awhile I wrote a lot of flash fiction. There’s nothing like the joy of trimming the fat from a story until the bare bones remain.

     Most of you know my stories as paranormal, or fantasy, with a touch of humor. Part of me still longs to write a good horror story. This piece of flash fiction kind of confirms that underlying genre attempting to break above the surface. 

     The story doesn’t even have a title, I only called it: 

Scary Flash Fiction Story

      Sarah’s eyes were no longer filled with disgust, but instead frozen in terror like a beautiful doll. She collected art, but hadn’t appreciated my craft that awaited her, so she joined my collection.

     I sighed, stroking her hair. The sun pierced the cracked, dirty window, shining on my blood caked wedding ring. I’d have to clean that.  

     “I could’ve loved you.” I whispered into her torn ear. I thought she’d understand.

     “Ethan, you’re sick.” She’d said.

     The last thing she’d ever say.

     The ringing wasn’t in my head. “Hello? Work ran late, honey. I’ll be home for dinner.”

This little gem of a story needs a name, any suggestions for a title?

Have you found any hidden gems lately?

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