Back in the Day When Plastic Masks Were Cool


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Back in the day….

The first year I had a store-bought Halloween costume I went as I Dream of Jeannie. The costume came complete with the cool plastic mask.

Can’t Touch This

I was, as usual, behind the times since the show was wrapping up not long after I was born. But she was the first character who could do magic and still look sexy doing it. Until then, any character capable of magic was depicted as an old, ugly hag—not cool.

I so admired those cool harem pants she wore. (Thank goodness they came in fashion in the 80’s and I rocked those bad boys until they went out of style. Any MC Hammer fans? Can’t touch this!) 

Plastic Masks Were So Cool

No more homemade ghost, hobo or cat costumes that served as my usual go-to garb. I wanted the real deal.

  • A plastic mask with tiny eye-holes you could barely see out 
  • The rubber band digging and tangling in your hair
  • The absent mouth hole that made it near impossible to sneak a piece of candy into—let alone breathe
  • The weird-looking plastic shirt (Seriously? What was up with that?)
  • And yes…the make-shift harem pants that required you wear real pants underneath in case the plastic cracked & fell apart

I dream of Jeannie Plastic Mask


…ahh, yes, it was perfect!

 Even wearing my rose-colored classes, my hazy, warped, childhood memory looks nothing like the real deal.

The Scary thing is that it appears plastic masks are making a come back. I saw a few in the stores this year already. 

Witch You Were Here

I was finally a genie…or a witch…I didn’t care, what mattered was, when I wore this costume…I could do magic.

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Did you ever rock a plastic mask in your Halloween Costume? What was it? 

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23 thoughts on “Back in the Day When Plastic Masks Were Cool”

  1. Casi McLeanCasi McLean

    Great post that brings back my memories too….Love it! Happy Halloween!

  2. Judy Ann DavisJudy Ann Davis

    I enjoyed your post. The only Halloween costume that I liked as a child was a “cowgirl” outfit, complete with hat, cowboy boots and toy pistols. I wore one of those oval-shaped masks that covered the upper half of your face (basically your eyes), but still allowed you to breath. Boy, I hated those masks with the elastic that tangled in your hair and near suffocated you to death.

  3. K.K. WeilK.K. Weil

    I loved Jeannie so much! She was wonderful. But I hated those masks. I can still feel them on my face, all steamy from your breath that never really gets out of that little hole. It doesn’t surprise me at all when my son refuses to wear one.

  4. Karen Michelle NuttKaren Michelle Nutt

    I enjoyed the post. Yes, my parents bought me those horrible plastic masks Halloween costumes. lol I have a photo of one that looks like a devil clown costume. Not sure if it was supposed to be that or not, but it was pretty hideous. lol Don’t remember wearing it. I was pretty young. Who knows, maybe it was the only one in my size at the drug store. Great post.

  5. Krystal AmaralKrystal Amaral

    No plastic masks, but I do love dressing up as a pirate!

  6. Liz SmithLiz Smith

    No, I never wore one. My parents didn’t think they were safe. They would throw the masks away if our costumes weren’t homemade. My siblings and I were fine with not wearing them. None of us liked them so it was a win on my parents’ part – no crying angry kids. LOL I think they should stay in the past with other failures.

  7. Mary MorganMary Morgan

    I loved Jeannie! Grew up watching this show, so thanks for the memories. Happy Halloween, Maureen!

  8. Devon McKayDevon McKay

    We always made our costumes. One year I went as a mummy. It took hours to get wrapped up in the shredded sheet and by the time I got home that night my costume had completely unraveled. I walked in house wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. That put an end to my trick or treating days.

  9. Brittany WendtlandBrittany Wendtland

    Yes, my mom bought me costumes with those masks, but I refused to wear them I have pictures of me with my costume and no mask lol! Happy Halloween!

  10. BJ JamesBJ James

    I don’t remember, I have slept since then! All kidding aside, I really do not remember!

  11. bn100bn100


  12. Nancy BurgessNancy Burgess

    When I was little they all came with plastic masks.I remember how uncomfortable those were.I remember one was a skeleton.

  13. Cynthia PowersCynthia Powers

    Never! My mom would make my costumes. The only time I wore a mask was the year I was a Queen of Hearts. I had gotten this pretty sequined carnivale style mask (cat’s eye style) at a crafts fair and was dying to wear it. Oh and the time I was a genie, my mom made this flutter veil to cover the lower half of my face, but nothing that would obstruct the vision like those crazy masks!

  14. Diana TidlundDiana Tidlund

    nope… i’m claustrophobic

  15. Jeanna MassmanJeanna Massman

    Back in the olden days, I had a witch’s mask.

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