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Why I Could Never Be An Old School Witch

Witch, Blog HopWelcome to my stop for the 2016 Snarkology Halloween Hop! 

Ahh, it’s the time of year when people’s thoughts turn to fall, and Halloween. When people are a little more accepting of things out of the ordinary, and seize the opportunity to be a kid again.

Although I write about magic and witches, I never dressed up as a witch when I was a kid. Why is that you say?

Reasons Why I’d never Survive as an “Old School” Witch

  • I love makeup too much
    • Old-school witches are depicted with overgrown eyebrows, warts, and were referred to as “hags”
  • The big, black cauldron
    • I have a bad back. Moving that thing around would be impossible. In retrospect, perhaps that’s why so many witches were depicted with the hunched over posture- the cauldron had already done their back in
  • The Token Cat
    • I love cats, but the hubby is allergic—one will have to go.
  • The Dark Dreary Setting
    • It’s always dark in their house. The first thing I do is open the blinds & let the sunlight in.
  • Bye-bye Cleaning
    • Now this could be a good thing…except for all the spider webs (complete with spiders) that come with it.
  • Poisoning the Apples
    • I enjoy apples. Too much. I might accidently pick up one of the spare poison ones and eat it before I realize my mistake

Witches—Bringing Sexy Back

Luckily, thanks to shows like Bewitched & Charmed, as well as movies like Practical Magic & The Craft, the image of witches became a little more appealing.

Speaking of sexy witches… 

Let me know in the comments if you could survive as an old-school witch for a chance to win a randomly chosen copy of 

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35 Replies

35 thoughts on “Why I Could Never Be An Old School Witch

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  2. Laura

    I could do it. Unless she lived in a damp cave. Bats are cool and there are always cats around me already… black and dark green are slimming colors, and I like striped stockings.

  3. Sophia Kimble

    I think I could be an old school witch as long as it was in the modern world! I don’t like apples, so no worries there. I rarely wear make-up, and I could just go on Angie’s list and hire me a strapping young lad to lug my cauldron around. The warts? uh…dermatology baby!

  4. Mandy R

    I don’t think I could be an old school witch. I rarely follow recipes. I’m more of a throw a pinch of this and that in the pot sort of a cook. I’m pretty sure I’d totally mess up spells with my improvisations and blow the roof off my witch’s hut.

  5. Phyllis Lamken

    I am already crone! cackle, cackle I love being indoors. I want to live in a cabin in the woods. I love cooking with herbs. Prefer cats to dogs. Plus I am very powerful.

  6. Mary Margaret Devine

    I couldn’t be an old school witch for many of the same reasons as yours, Love makeup, bad back so cauldron out, light is important to me for reading and although I live in an old house it’s not dark and creepy, I do have cats but their not scary, no cleaning would be nice but I hate spiders and apples are too delicious to give up.

    1. Maureen L. Bonatch Post author

      Yes, I’m glad they got rid of the ‘spider’ requirement with the more modern witches 😉

  7. Hywela Lyn

    What a great post – and such a striking cover too! No, I don’t fancy myself as an old school witch – although I wouldn’t mind having a flying broomstick!

    1. Maureen L. Bonatch Post author

      Oh wouldn’t it be great to have a flying broomstick! I’d like to also direct it to clean 🙂

  8. Nancy Burgess

    I could survive being an old school witch.I’d love the broom.It would be great to brew up potions.I lovery black cats so that fits to.lol

  9. Debra Lamey

    I could not be an old school witch because I love sunshine, breezes coming in open windows, and no spiders. Though I would love a flying broomstick and cooking up spells like Harry Potter.

  10. Penny Olson

    I could be an old school witch as long as I had running water and mod cons and didn’t have to live in a smelly cave.

  11. Vicki Wurgler

    Nope I couldn’t survive as an old school witch-I’m not too fond of cats-and flying brooms, I hate heights

  12. Shelley G

    Maybe in like 20+ years or so, I’m still to young to be an old hag! I already have 2 cats so I guess I’m a little ways there 😺 Thank you for participating in this hop and Happy Halloween!

  13. Teri G

    I am a huge fan of cats, but that is about the only old school witch characteristic that I could deal with. I’m a huge clean freak – I”m talking OCD here. I will not tolerate any cobwebs or bugs in my house. I also have a really bad back (several procedures and multiple surgeries), but I’m not stooped. I’ll stick with my gas stove that I do not have to bend over, thank you very much. I live in AZ, so I obviously like bright sunlight inside and outside. While I might not have the super thin eyebrows some women favor, my more naturally shaped eyebrows are certainly not, nor will they ever be, overgrown or scraggly. I am also, thankfully, wart-free. 🙂

  14. Maureen L. Bonatch Post author

    Thank you so much for visiting and participating in the Hop! I’ve always found Halloween to be such fun, and I’m so glad so many other people do too. Congratulations to Nancy Burgess, she is the randomly chosen winner for my stop for an e-copy of Grandma Must Die. Happy Halloween everyone!

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