A New Release by Pamela S. Thibodeaux

Please welcome my guest Pamela S. Thibodeaux and her newest release just in time for the holidays, Keri’s Christmas Wish.

My guest is sharing a little about her new Christian book, as well as some interesting questions and answers for both readers and writers!

Everyone is joining in the celebration, so don’t forget to follow the rest of the blog tour for Keri’s Christmas Wish and enter the giveaway Pamela is having! 

kcw_cover2_96_med Can Keri get past her angst over Christ’s birth and enjoy the Christmas season?

For as long as she can remember, Keri Jackson has despised the hype and commercialism around Christmas so much she seldom enjoys the holiday. Will she get her wish and be free of the angst to truly enjoy Christmas this year?

A devout Christian at heart, Jeremy Hinton, a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Energy Medicine Practitioner has studied all of the world’s religions and homeopathic healing modalities. But when a rare bacterial infection threatens the life of the woman he loves, will all of his faith and training be for naught?

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Excerpt from Keri’s Christmas Wish:

She turned to face him, took his hands in hers and stood on tiptoe to brush her lips across his. “Thank you. I’ll bet you do wondrous work with your patients. You sure have made me feel better.”

He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. “I’m not the Healer, love, just the vessel. Not the Source of Wisdom, only the messenger.”

Keri’s insides turned to mush at his use of the term ‘love’ when addressing her. She smiled. “And you do both beautifully.”

Let’s Find Out More about Pamela and her new release 

What inspired you to write your newest release Keri’s Christmas Wish?

When I look back on the beginning I can honestly say Keri’s Christmas Wish was totally inspired by God. I’d finished a short story and sent the collection off to my editor when a vision of a young woman scrolling through her newsfeed came to mind with the words: Bah Humbug…. The entire story evolved from that one image and I completed the manuscript within a very short time. Since this was the first, original fiction story I’ve written in its entirety since 2009 I’m very excited to see it come to fruition.

Why should people buy this book and who is your potential audience? 

Keri’s Christmas Wish will give readers an enjoyable fiction story that shares the miracles and magic of the books and movies made over the last several years based on a true account of someone’s visit to heaven. Those who love reading, hearing about and watching a true account of someone’s visit to heaven as well as those who wonder if heaven is for real and what it is like, will enjoy Keri’s Christmas Wish.

What is the message you hope to get across in this story?

That regardless of where you are in your faith journey God and His angels are always there to guide and guard and that He loves you in spite of your doubt and fears.

Tell Us About Your Life As An Author

What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

Unlike many writers, I’m not strictly disciplined. However, when I am actively writing, I write—very little editing, or working on other projects, limited time online, not much networking or blogging, sleep comes only in snatches, meals are scarce and light, and definitely no playing!

When do you feel like it all began to come together for you as a writer—was there a particular moment?

After years as a closet writer, penning stories in 5-subject notebooks, I’d have to say when I purchased my first, USED word processor and started typing in all those handwritten manuscripts I really began to feel like a writer.

What are a few writing tips you could share with aspiring writers?

The bible exhorts us to “study and show yourself approved.” Keep studying, keep writing, keep learning, stay open to constructive critique and NEVER GIVE UP! Writing is both gift and talent given to you by God. Don’t hide your gift or bury your talent. Whatever you write, write well. Strive for excellence. Stay teachable, pliable, and flexible. Never believe that you know it all because knowledge is power and the more you know the more valuable you become. Above all share what you learn with others and make someone’s load lighter to bear.
Any marketing tips?

Marketing is an intricate part of the publishing business and publishers today expect authors to do their fair share. However, marketing/promotion can be overwhelming as the more you learn, the more there is to learn. For everything you accomplish, there are hundreds more you can do. My motto is: Do something every day and your best then let God do the rest and remember it takes time to build a career.

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Pamela S Thibodeaux

Author Bio: Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder and a lifetime member of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction, her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.”

ALSO* Please notate: If you enjoy Keri’s Christmas Wish check out Pam’s other books, all of which are on sale through Jan 3rd @ Amazon; B&N; and Smashwords!

Find Pamela: 

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  1. Pamela S ThibodeauxPamela S Thibodeaux

    Thank you so much, Maureen for hosting Keri’s tour on your lovely blog! ….”dropped by for a spell”…Love it!

    Good luck and God’s blessings to you and your visitors!

    December 16, 2016
    • MaureenMaureen

      You’re welcome Pamela! Congrats and best wishes on your release!

      December 16, 2016
  2. Alicia DeanAlicia Dean

    Excellent post…enjoyed the interview. Loved hearing how this wonderful book came to be. Best wishes!

    December 16, 2016
  3. Pamela S ThibodeauxPamela S Thibodeaux

    Thank you All, dear friends….. Elizabeth, Alicia, Kara for stopping by, commenting and your support!
    Good luck and God’s blessings to each of you.

    December 16, 2016
  4. Susan CoryellSusan Coryell

    Always awed by your prolific writing and savvy promo/marketing. This one sounds like another winner!

    December 16, 2016
  5. Pamela S ThibodeauxPamela S Thibodeaux

    Awww….thanks for the sweet comment, Susan.

    Thank you too, Marissa

    Your support means the world to me!
    Good luck and God’s blessings to you both.

    December 18, 2016
  6. Linda MoffittLinda Moffitt

    Thanks for sharing on your blog I’m following this book around on it’s tour It looks Great

    December 18, 2016

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