A few of my favorite things…are in my basement #MRFW

So I did it. I stepped up, or rather sat down, and joined the Marketing For Romance Writers (MFRW) 52 week blog challenge. I admit I’ve gotten a little lazy on consistent blog posts and often neglect my own poor blog. 

No more. I’ve made the commitment! So every Friday. Yes, I realize this is Saturday. I said I made the commitment, I didn’t say I was quite on the ball for 2017 yet. As I was saying, Every Friday, I’ll have a post up related to the suggested topic, and so will all the other authors participating. 

This week, it’s about a few of my favorite things. (You’re welcome—the song has been stuck in my head and now I’m sharing it with you.)

I pondered this a few minutes. How I could narrow my favorite things down to a only a few? Then I realized that I have most of them…in my basement. 

The Man Woman Cave Basement

In order to cram many of my favorite things into a post, and because I tend to be long winded when I’m writing, I’ll bold a few of my favorite things as I blather on. So read on, if you dare enter the basement.

Sure it is a basement, but not in the creepy sense my girls seem to think. At least not since we finished it about five years ago. Before then I used to shudder in terror when I descended those steps to take in the toy explosion that occupied every possible space. 

Once it was transformed into a man woman cave. Okay, it was my husband’s dream to have a bar but we both enjoy the basement. It’s not scary anymore. It’s a lovely escape. I don’t have to stare at the laundry, or other household chores awaiting me upstairs. (Notice how laundry and chores were not bolded as favorite things.)

It’s almost like I’m going out, but I’m really only going downstairs.

Bringing Out The Skeletons

img_5003Okay, there might be one skeleton, but he decided to stay after Halloween. He makes sure you’re never drinking alone at the bar with two of my favorite things kept in the basement- tequila & wine. 

(BTW, my favorite things are not listed in any particular order, it’s only coincidence that wine & tequila are first. It’s only because I had the skeleton picture ready to go. Really.)

But don’t let the skeleton fool you, we often have lots of friends and family over to hang out downstairs for a holiday, family event, or a hockey game

All of My Favorite Faces

Almost all of the walls downstairs are covered with my hubby’s sports memorabilia, and all of our favorite pictures of friends and families over the years. So it’s like you’ve walked into a giant photo album of our lives. favorite photos

Our memories are plastered all over the walls.

favorite photo





Here’s one of my favorite family pics from a few years ago. 


Who Doesn’t Love Movie Night? 

The hubs may have really wanted to have a home bar, but I was really excited to put in some theater chairs to have movie nights at home. Hubs has also discovered that putting on a movie is one sure way to tear me away from my laptop and my writing. image via pixabay

Even Scruff (who many of you know as my writing partner, or read his comments in my newsletter) comes down to hang out with us. 

As a mini-furry-human he’s determined which one of the four chairs is his, which makes a sticky situation when we decided to have a family movie night and we’re one chair short. 

Favorite things
Scruff enjoying his chair.

Smiling, and Writing, Is my Favorite 

It goes without saying that I’m usually happiest when I’m writing, so my DIY treadmill desk (which I wrote about at PNR) is one of my favorite things. I can write and get my butt out of the chair at the same time. 

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

The song is still playing in my head, and I could go on, but I think I’ve captured some of my most favorite things in my most favorite place—home. 

Here are some other authors who are sharing their favorite things on their blogs- 
What about you? What are a Few of Your Favorite things?



4 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things…are in my basement #MRFW”

  1. Nicole FittonNicole Fitton

    Great post Maureen. You are a braver woman than I taking on this challenge! Good luck. Love your basement… the bar particularly appeals!

    • MaureenMaureen

      Thank you! I haven’t decided if I’m brave… or crazy 😜

  2. Shari ElderShari Elder

    Hi Maureen I jumped in late to the blog challenge myself. It does seem like a good way to blog regularly. I love that skeleton. We have a few too, we bring out for Halloween. Good luck with the challenge.

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