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Kill It With Fire—Or the Delete Key #MFRW

Do you ever catch yourself using the same phrase over and over?

MFRW Blog Challenge editingOr notice a friend that covets a certain word so much that they use it constantly? Then, if you point it out to them, they claim they never noticed. Even though it’s glaringly obvious to everyone else.

Well, the same thing happens when writing, and editing, except it’s not always obvious to the writer, until it’s pointed out.

Then you can’t stop noticing that word, and you simply cannot believe that it got past you.  

Sorry Editor, My Common Writing Mistakes 

Dear Editor, 

I had spent hours upon hours working on my masterpiece. I had carefully reviewed the prose really well to ensure that I had cleaned out all the extra, filler words. Upon receiving your edits, I had no idea how much I useeditor, editing mistakesd the word had until you pointed it out, and I really, really looked before I sent you the manuscript.

I had went through the pages, killing those extra had, really, that, something and looked until the pages sparkled. Something must have had to have put them back in after I looked.

Otherwise, really, I would’ve had to have seen them hiding within the

editing, MFRW

Scruff looking really hard for had, that, really & something

prose? Right? 

Then this passive voice you mentioned. All of the sentences are checked by me. The words had, that, and other offenders are eliminated by me.

This process was very long, and I was not passive in my disgust about how each new manuscript births a new problem word that must be hunted down and eliminated. 

Well, you are the expert. I had better take your word for it and begin rattling the pages and culling the paragraphs of the newest offenders. editing MFRW


Lover of Passive Voice & Filler Words



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