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Living With a Writer Survivor Style #MFRW

Welcome to week 2 of Marketing for Romance Writer’s Blog Challenge (#MFRW). This week, I’m talking about How My Family Survives My Writing. MFRW Blog Challenge

I’ve been writing for a long time. So the early crack of dawn mornings, the laptop that appears to be an extension of my arm and the vacant expression are the norm for me. 

That’s just the #writerlife. But my family has found a way to deal with my odd, writerly ways and to pry me away from the characters who constantly vie for my attention. 

They’ve accomplished this feat, Survivor Style.

writing survivorBeing a writer is often a solitary endeavor, if you don’t count the characters clamoring for attention. With so much time spent crafting stories, sometimes it’s difficult for my family to gain my attention, or figure out…


  • Why I spend so much time with my laptop 
  • How many notepads I really have
  • The rationale behind the random pictures I stop suddenly to take
  • How many bulletin boards I really have

Truth is…some things are just too hard to explain. Therefore, they’ve found thier own methods of dealing with my madness err…writing.


The hubs knows I can’t resist a good movie. It’s the only thing that will pull me away from the laptop in that I actually close it and put it in the bag. movie reel

Otherwise he doesn’t seem to mind my writing all that much—until NaNoWri month rolls around. Then everyone knows, I gotta get my words in. (I made this special post on Paranormal Romantics to help the hubs, and other family members, suffering through their loved ones NaNoWri.)


Scruff, my youngest, furriest child, has manipulated my writing routines to his benefit. He believes it is his decision on when I stay in the chair, get out of the chair, if it’s time to throw a toy, or if a treat is due. 

Writing Survivor

Don’t turn around- he’s right behind us, and he looks like he wants something.

This four-legged fur ball refuses to succumb to the needs of my demanding paranormal muse when his canine needs rise above all others. 


Twin #2 refuseIMG_0516s to be deterred. With a potential future in litigation, she ignores the vacant look, blinking curser and empty cups of caffeine until my attention is gained. 

Her unfettering resilience breaks through the barriers of the imaginary world in my mind where I reside and brings me crashing back to reality where the needs of she, and perhaps my family, wait.

Form an Alliance 

book-1760998_1920As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Twin #1 has unwittingly succumbed to the lure of the written word and has begun to create her own writing world. 

The two of us could sit and discuss these writerly issues together if we ever both emerged from our writing at the same time to engage in reality. 

Luckily both girls love to read as much as, if not more, than me, so they certainly understand the lure of a wonderful story. 

Do You Have Any Hobbies or Habits Your Family Endures or Ignores?


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12 Replies

12 thoughts on “Living With a Writer Survivor Style #MFRW

  1. Diane Burton

    Maureen, so glad to see you on this blog challenge. Maybe I need a dog to make me get up, move around, etc. My physical therapist says every hour. Hah! I’d lose whatever train of thought I had. Love that your daughter is writing, too. Must be fun to share/brainstorm together.

    1. Maureen L. Bonatch Post author

      Thanks for visiting, Diane. True, I lose my train of thought (I could sit for hours) but my back thanks me for the forced interruption lol

  2. Alicia Dean

    Fun! 🙂 I enjoyed the post, and the pics. I love the your daughter is interested in writing. What a special thing to share!

  3. Trevann Rogers

    I love how your family has adapted to your writerly ways, and found ways to get you when they want and need your attention. Oh, and I feel your pain–my furry children can ignore me for HOURS–but when I sit down to the computer, everything is suddenly life or death. #gottalovethem


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