Hobbies & Things that are Kinda Hobbies, But Not Really #MFRW

My Hobbies—When I’m Not Writing 

Welcome back to the #MFRW 52-Week Blog Challenge! Notice how this week’s topic specifically mentioned hobbies besides writing. I assume that’s to avoid hoppingMFRW Blog Challenge hobbies around to all these blogs and reading the same thing over and over again as a favorite hobby—writing. 
Never Fear! Writers are often introverts, but it takes a plethora of interests to craft these characters! 

Well, if you’re going to get all particular about hobbies, I can name a few of mine outside of writing stuff. Really…I can. Just give me a minute to step away from my computer.

Things Normal People Consider a Hobby

  • hobbiesBicycling
  • Walking (I mean intentional, or at scenic places, not just to live or get to my destination)
  • Backseat biker babe
  • Movies- I love watching movies!
  • Dancing- in the club, at home, wherever there’s a good tune
  • Going to Concerts- love me some music! 


    Big Wreck!

  • Hockey games- Love me some Penguins
  • Reading- of course! Didn’t say I couldn’t mention that!

Things that Kinda Are Hobbies, But Not Really

  •  Honing my sarcasm 
  • Collecting Quotes
  • Procrastination 
  • Caffeine Consumption 
  • Staring into Space (Plotting)
  • People Watching (Character Development)
  • Pulling my Back
  • Starting a Diet
  • Forgetting I’m on a Diet
  • Telling stories to my kids that start with “Back in the Day”
  • Laundry—cause really, does it ever end? 
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Scruff’s Hobbies 

Enough about me, I know everyone loves to hear about my writing assistant, Scruff.


Scruff multi-tasking by silently staring— and judging simultaneously.

  • Eating
  • Quietly Staring
  • Attacking Defenseless Squeaky Toys
  • Collecting Sticks
  • Looking Adorable
  • Taking Naps
  • Judging You 
  • Figuring Out What You’re Eating 
  • Going in and out 50 bajillion times a day


What’s your Favorite, or Most Unusual, Hobby? 

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11 thoughts on “Hobbies & Things that are Kinda Hobbies, But Not Really #MFRW

  1. Meka James

    I agree with you on the procrastination! I try to make it an art form. LOL Wine consumption is becoming a new hobby. My characters driving me to drink, not sure that’s a good thing.

    1. Maureen L. Bonatch Post author

      Thanks for visiting, Meka. I think wine is a wonderful hobby- even if we are at home, it’s still wine tasting, right 🙂

    1. Maureen L. Bonatch Post author

      Thank you- he knows it too, lol. Dinner is high priority for our furry family 🙂 Thanks for visiting.


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