When the Reality in Your Story is a Fantasy World

This week’s challenge for #MFRW is “Words that Make Me Go Ick!” The problem is, I love words! There are very few individual words that make me go ick.

 But there is one way that an author can weave words together that leaves me frowning, or skimming the pages…it’s when I’m forced to endure too much perfection.

MFRW Blog Challenge words and perfection


I discovered that I loved reading fantasy and paranormal stories early in my youth. That didn’t stop me from enjoying all kinds of other genres with a well-written story.

When Reality Becomes Fantasy

For awhile I was absorbed into a young adult series. It claimed that it wasn’t a fantasy story, but in my mind, in many ways, it was. Because there was no way these teenage girls lived in the real world. 

Each time I got the next book in the series, I had to skim or skip the first few pages. That’s because the author wanted to reacquaint the reader with the two main female characters. Not in a way to help us catch up to the heroine’s journey, or discover a secret past, but to remind us of their perfection. Ick!

Perfection Isn’t Reality

I knew I’d stumbled into fantasy as I skimmed over their perfect size 6 bodies, with perfect blonde, flowing hair, with perfect white teeth, living with their perfect family  and perfect, perfect, perfect—then I’d throw up a little in my mouth.

Granted the author could pen a good story once I blocked out the overwhelming perfection of these heroines, or I wouldn’t have kept reading. But, in retrospect, I don’t think these are the best YA stories to help young girls with their self-esteem.

I Love The Flaws That Make Us Perfect

I still find these Icky descriptions in books I read today and it usuperfection, wordsally sours my stomach. My fantasy and paranormal heroes and heroines usually have a nice dose of imperfection, making them more realistic than those built of imaginary, unattainable perfection.

Because nobody is perfect, we just overlook and/or embrace the flaws of those they love.

Words That Make Scruff Go “Ick!”

words, MFRW, Scruff

Bath, Vet, Haircut

Combination of hated words: “I’m going to put this sweater on you.”

“The food is gone.”

What Words, or What Parts, of a Story Make You Go Ick?

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9 thoughts on “When the Reality in Your Story is a Fantasy World”

  1. Nicole FittonNicole Fitton

    I too find the perfectly perfect too icky! I think it is the flaws that make us ‘perfectly unperfect’ and that is what makes us who we are. Making sure our characters have a large helping of imperfections is what makes them believable. Thanks for a great post 🙂

  2. Kenzie MichaelsKenzie Michaels

    Maybe it’s just me, but the YA books I read in jr high where they had ‘perfect teeth, hair, and body’ never bothered me; I always admired how their thought patterns/actions changed throughout the book, and they matured through those mistakes. I loved Sweet Valley High and other teen romances:)

  3. Ed HoornaertEd Hoornaert

    Perfect people are boring. They don’t need anything or need to learn anything. I kind of wonder though, what’s wrong with “I’m going to put this sweater on you?” (Forgive my ignorance!) My MFRW.

  4. Heather BoydHeather Boyd

    I’m now thankful that the YA book phase came well after my high school years. I might never have survived. LOL

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