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It’s No Laughing Matter—Wait, Yes it Is

This week’s #MFRW Blog Challenge is “What Makes Me Laugh Out Loud”. This was a challenge for me, not because I couldn’t think of anything, but because I had to narrow it down a few since my list would be too long. As you might’ve noticed in my writing, my snarky blogs and my odd sense of humor—I love to laugh. That leads me to #1 on my list. 

Someone Else’s Laugh

my girls laughing

I love this pic of my girls laughing.

There’s one thing I find more contagious than a virus. It’s more irresistible than joining in on a yawn and at least makes me smile, if not laugh out loud. It’s hearing someone’s else’s laugh.

I remember this about a person more readily than their name. (This is not always a good thing—it’s hard to address someone by the sound of their laughter.)


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Winner by Perseverance 

You know how sometimes you watch a show, hear a joke, or read something and it’s funny—the first time? How somehow a little of the humor faded with the shiny brilliance of hearing it, or seeing it, for the first time? I’ve found a few things that make me laugh every single time, no matter how many bajillion times I’ve heard ‘the joke’ before. 

  • The Far Side comics by Gary Larson

It was a sad day for me when I realized there wouldn’t be another Far Side daily calendar. I’ve yet to find one to replace it that made me smile and laugh as much. (Any suggestions for next year, folks? I need my morning laugh.) It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen some of the comics over and over again, I enjoyed them as much as the first time.

Although I might have a tiny, bit of an over obsession with the comics. I mean, I did utilize them more than once and did an entire presentation in graduate school using almost only Far Side comics to illustrate my points and instill a little humor into an otherwise dry topic. (We won’t mention that I had to do the presentation with transparencies on an overhead projector. Wait…let me get my cane now and wait while the youngster look this up on their high tech computer-ey devices. They’ll never know the pain of doing research and a presentation ‘back in the day’ #thestrugglewasreal)

  • Seinfeld episodes

I still love Seinfeld reruns. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I know like-minded people who I only need to say a phrase, or we can relate almost any situation to a favorite episode. Um-humm…hold on while I get a drink, these pretzels are making me thirsty. 

I think much of what I enjoyed about the humor of the show was that it highlighted the humor in normal, everyday situations. 

Everything, Everyday makes me Laugh

A day without laughter is—well, it’s terrible in my opinion. If there’s nothing funny, sometimes I laugh at myself. Ok, that sounds kind of weird but what I mean is that I try to find the humor in what might be a stressful, or boring situation. Or if I’m really feeling cranky I put on a television show, or a movie that I know always makes me laugh. I could give you a whole list of those, but I don’t think you have all day.

MFRW Blog Challenge on What makes me LaughThere are plenty of other #MFRW Blogs talking about what makes them laugh, and let’s face it. We all need a good laugh. It is the best medicine, and it’s also the shortest distance between two people. 

What Makes You Laugh Out Loud?

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18 thoughts on “It’s No Laughing Matter—Wait, Yes it Is

    1. Maureen L. Bonatch Post author

      Me too- I still watch reruns and occasionally shout ‘no soup for you’ if the opportunity arises.

  1. Kenzie Michaels

    It took me a while to ‘warm up’ to Seinfeld, but then about season 3 or 4, never missed a show:) My favorite comic strip has always been Bloom County, and was sad when he discontinued the strip, but thrilled when it came back on Facebook only:) Gotta have my daily dose of Opus!

  2. Meka James

    I’ve never watched Seinfeld. I’ve heard about it and I know the cast. I would laugh at the commercials when that Kramar character would burst through the door. Ha, I remember the transparencies and overhead projectors. We can be on our canes together. LOL

    1. Maureen L. Bonatch Post author

      Kramar is such a character! Kids nowadays have no idea what we had to suffer through in school 😉

  3. Ed Hoornaert

    I used to start every day by reading my favorite 8 or 9 daily comics on, including Garfield, Get Fuzzy, and Bloom Country. I should get back to that habit.

  4. Shari Elder

    Gary Larson never fails to deliver on a laugh. And yes, laughter is viral. How often have I laughed at something that I never heard, just because everyone was doing it. 🙂

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