Magic & Romance & Sarcastic Wit—These are a Few of My Favorite Reads

My kindle is overflowing with magical worlds, love, suspenseful stories and humorous heroines. There is never enough time in the day to read and escape into these wonderful worlds. Welcome to #MFRW 52 week blog hop where this week’s topic is Favorite Books to Read. When I first saw this topic I felt overwhelmed, wondering how I could possible identify all of my favorite books to read. Then I realized, I do tend to navigate toward a certain type of story. 

You Had Me at Hell-o

I love me some magic, demons, witches, warlocks and almost any kind of fantasy world you can think up. I grew up discovering hobbits, learning to fly and learning about the magical secrets of the world. All of this while never leaving my back yard. That’s the magic of a good book. 

It’s All About Me & a First Person Read

I love a story written in first person. Often this is a love or hate kind of thing with different readers. Me—I love it. I want to discover the secrets of the story along with my heroine and experience the world through her eyes. 

I Just Want to Be Loved

Scruff wanting to Read
A good book is the perfect escape from the everyday.

Who doesn’t want at least a little—or a lot—of romance in a story?

The high that comes along with falling in love experienced over and over again between the pages of a book can’t be beat. Especially when you’re looking for a little escape from the everyday. 

Want Me Some Kick Ass Sass

I’ve said it time and time again, I love to laugh. There’s nothing like an author who can add some genuine humor into a story. A kick ass heroine with some sarcastic wit is hard to refuse. (Don’t give me some TSTL (too stupid to live) heroine who always needs saving.)

It's okay to let the hero shine, but I love a heroine who can take care of herself. #books Click To Tweet

My Recipe for a Good Read

I’ve read all kinds of stories, and I’m always pleasantly surprised to find a new genre, or a new author to enjoy. Although there are a few key ingredients I look for in a book to know that I’m going to love to read the story.

Magic + Hread Destiny Calling book saleumor + Romance + Kick Ass Heroine +First Person

I incorporated everything I love in a story when I wrote Destiny Calling. It’s on sale for .99 cents now for a limited time.

Check out what the other authors on the #MFRW Blog Hop have to say about their Favorite Books to Read.

11 thoughts on “Magic & Romance & Sarcastic Wit—These are a Few of My Favorite Reads”

  1. Sherry LewisSherry Lewis

    I love stories written in first person, too. I love to read them and I love to write them!

  2. Mary J. McCoy-DresselMary J. McCoy-Dressel

    There’s nothing like “The high that comes along with falling in love experienced over and over…” You nailed it! I love how you broke down the topic into everything you love in a book.

  3. Ed HoornaertEd Hoornaert

    While I like to read first person stories well enough, I find writing them to be too limiting. I want to see my story from more than one person’s head, I guess.

  4. Alina K. FieldAlina K. Field

    I’m late to the MFRW party because I was busy all weekend with my daughter’s baby shower. But, yay! your book is still on sale. Just headed over to the Zon and picked up a copy!

  5. Meka JamesMeka James

    I enjoy first person stories as well. it’s like you are experiencing the story with the MC instead of being told it after the fact. I’m not opposed to third, I’ll read both, but first is my go-to.

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