Introducing My Past and Present Adorable Fur-Babies

This week’s Marketing for Romance Writer’s 52-week Blog Challenge prompt is, “Meet my Pets.” Well, since Scruff happens to be such an attention hog in most of my posts, I would think by now no introduction is needed. He, of course, disagrees and feels there is much more to share about his adorable antics. But perhaps you’d like to meet some of my past pets that may be gone, but not forgotten.

Pets From Back In the Day

pets ScruffWhen I was growing up, we had a variety of “outside pets” such as cats, rabbits, “hunting dogs” (despite my Dad’s intentions, there wasn’t much hunting going on with these dogs), and even a guinea pig. Powder Puff (Mama Cat) had a plethora of kittens that we would find homes. I would always name one of the kittens, “funny face” after the old song. Although I loved all pets toadsof these animals (remember, I was going to write that Dr. Doolittle-ish book about talking to the animals), I consider our first real pet to be, Mimi, a silver toy poodle. If I find a picture, I’ll add one, but until then, Scruff insisted I put one of his pictures up.

I say, “our”, because even though my younger sister and I considered her our pet, once I married and had a ‘fur-baby’ of my own, I realize Mimi was actually my Mother’s. Because once you’re a fur-mama, you take on total responsibility for your adorable fur-covered ‘child’.

Becoming a Fur-Mama

My husband is allergic to cats and most creatures that shed, so cats were ruled out of our house. Our first fur-baby (before the pets Bummytwins came to rule the roost) was Bummy. Bummy was a lhasa apso who was the runt of the litter, a bum puppy. I was working midnight shift as a nurse when Bummy joined our family, which meant even less sleep that I usually got on midnight shift, but he was worth it. The adorable ball of fur had my heart for the 14 ½ years he was with us. He was heartbroken and jealous when the twins arrived, but tolerated them despite them believing he was a stuffed animal. It broke my heart when he became ill developed an inoperable tumor in his bladder.

After that devastating experience, I vowed to never have another dog. Well, you all know how that turned out. It seems that those tiny, furry critters have a way of working their way into your heart to mend that pain. So, about nine months later, our Shih Tzu, Scruff arrived.

Guineas and Toads and Hamsters—Oh My!

pets thanksgiving holidayBesides Scruff, we’ve had a plethora of pets over the years as the girls grew up. Most recently, our two guinea pigs, Cinnamon and Ginger (aka: The Squeakers, or The Spice Girls) were Scruff’s best fur friends.

Prior to that we had a year or two of our inherited hamster “Beef “ (aka: short for Beefcake), and random toads, hermit crabs, fish, and any other critter outside the pets Bummygirls deemed as our next pet.

Because Who Can Resist an Adorable Pet?

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I’d Love to Hear About Your Pet(s)!

6 thoughts on “Introducing My Past and Present Adorable Fur-Babies”

  1. Kenzie MichaelsKenzie Michaels

    I forgot about the hermit crab I won at the fair while in HS! Rocky only survived about 3 months, but it was fun to watch him:)

  2. Meka JamesMeka James

    Oh, the kids have had hermit crabs before. My daughter went through a variety of pets when she was little. Fish, guinea pigs, a hamster. Not to mention countless fish. She’s now learning the full responsibility of pet ownership as you said. she’s out of the house and has 2 cats.

  3. Ed HoornaertEd Hoornaert

    All I have to say is that Scruff’s ancestors don’t look very much like him.

  4. Raine BalkeraRaine Balkera

    Aw! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pet pics!

  5. Robin MichaelaRobin Michaela

    They’re all adorable, but I especially love the costumed guinea pigs!

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