A HodgePodge Collection of Unforgettable Moments In My Life

Welcome to this week’s Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) 52-week blog challenge. The #MFRW graphic reminds me that this week’s topic is An Unforgettable Day In My Life. You would think this topic would be easy, right? Nope. Not if you’re someone like me who has been desperately wishing to find a magic pensieve like the one used to review memories in Harry Potter.

Where Did the Day Go?

There are a lot of unforgettable moments that I can recall, and that’s how I recall them—as moments. Unlike many who claim that their old memories remain strong as they get older and that the current becomes more muddied, I’m the opposite. My old memories flash through my mind in a jumble, giving credence to the saying of one’s life flashing before their eyes.

Scruff looking for memories
Scuff is looking deep in his mind to uncover his unforgettable memories.

My desperation to cling the fleeting moments of time often consumes me, and I try every time management method. Except these efforts seem to have an adverse effect on my memories. You see, when I’m able to fit more and more into a day, then the little moments tend to blend together in my overloaded thoughts. The day passes in a blur, and when I try to discover how the hours escaped me they slip through my fingers like fog.

A Colauge of Memories

If I could patch all the vivid wisps of memory together, then perhaps I could create one glorious, unforgettable day.

  • A collection of childhood memories that have yet to fade in the recesses my crowded mind—holidays, first and last days of school, family
  • The day I met and married my husband—the twist of fate meeting, the craziness of the wedding day
  • Getting my MSN—my awe in the accomplishment
  • The emotions swirling around with the discovery that we were having twins and their birth—the shock, the anticipation, and the fear
  • Selling my first story—the unexpected surprise and the flooding happiness

When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

There are a few unforgettable bad moments seared in my mind as well, but I prefer not to dwell on them. Especially if I’m making a memory-colauge, then I’d rather have a pleasant one.

RWA 2015 memoryPlus there are a few distinct moments that stand out from an ordinary day in the past that don’t seem to merit the space they occupy. But the glimpse into a simple sight, task or conversation of my past makes the ordinary seem all that more extraordinary. Like the antique you come across that is suddenly much more amazing and fabulous that it was in it’s time. The regret of not having the opportunity, or taking the time, to give it the love and appreciation it deserves.


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Is Your Memory Filled With Unforgettable Days or Moments?

5 thoughts on “A HodgePodge Collection of Unforgettable Moments In My Life”

  1. Sherry LewisSherry Lewis

    Most of my memories are snippets like you describe–flashes of a memory here and there–but I do have a few days in the old memory banks that I can remember quite vividly. I agree with you about the effect of fitting more and more into a day, though. I think a lot of times my memory is so sketchy because I wasn’t fully present in the moments as they happened. I try to be fully present now, but it’s a constant challenge. I’m always thinking about what I “should” be doing, or what’s coming next. :::sigh::

    November 10, 2017
  2. Alina K. FieldAlina K. Field

    I also have trouble pulling together all those memories. Scruff’s technique of staring into the looking glass doesn’t work for me, LOL! When my mother died I found a collection of letters (pre-internet days) I sent to her. I read a couple of them and said “Oh yeah, I remember that!” I stashed them away and someday I’ll read through them.

    November 10, 2017
  3. Ed HoornaertEd Hoornaert

    I think of my memory as a series of snapshots rather than videos. That’s just a different way of describing memory the way you did.

    November 10, 2017
  4. Helen HendersonHelen Henderson

    after missing so many things (because I wasn’t physically there) with so many fewer opportunities left I’m trying to be more in the moment and not dwell on what I ddn’t get to do. love scruff.

    November 11, 2017
  5. Robin MichaelaRobin Michaela

    I’m like you – certain memories are indelibly etched in my mind. Others are just fleeting impressions. So many to sort through!

    November 13, 2017

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