Let Me Brag—Wait, I Think My Horn Is Broken

During the hockey game breaks, the cameramen often go around the stadium and zoom in on people to put them up on the jumbotron (think of your face magnified by like a bajillion). Many people stand up, wear crazy costumes or make other efforts to get their five seconds of fame—except for me. I’m hoping like heck that the cameraman doesn’t come to our section and my face ends up plastered on the gigantic screen. I don’t like being the center of attention. It makes me as uncomfortable as a wool sweater.

That’s why when I noticed that this week’s Marketing for Romance Writer’s (#MFRW) 52-week Blog Challenge Topic was entitled, Let Me Brag For A Minute I knew I was in trouble. Because I’m not one to toot my horn, in fact, I think it’s broke.

Diversion and Distraction

As I contemplated this topic I could not think of one thing about myself that I wanted to brag about, unless it was something I’d joke about. When someone asks about me I tend to try to make them laugh about an ordinary situation that I find humorous. I don’t take compliments in stride and if I had to brag I’d probably talk about my extensive, ancient collection of workout DVD’s,

One of my glorious Kathy Smith DVD collection!

notepads, my plethora of procrastination excuses or about how my handwriting challenges everybody to decipher—yes, even me.

Or I talk about my children, my husband or my dog. Because I have plenty to brag about with my family


  • My twin’s straight A school status and their enviable creativity
  • My husband’s engaging personality
  • Scruff’s antics or overall adorableness


Me? I’m okay, nothing new. So tell me about what you can #brag about… Click To Tweet

Saving It For A Story

Maybe it’s my introverted nature, or the psychiatric nurse in me, that keeps my expression a little too attentive and focused until it can make some people uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s my restless nature or my quest for perfection that makes me find my own achievements lacking.

Scruff brag
I don’t always brag about my cuteness—wait, yes I do.

Or maybe it’s because I save all the excitement for my characters in a story. That’s where I’ll have plenty to say.

What Would You Like To Brag About?


It’s A Blog Hop

Don’t forget to follow the blog hop to see what the other author’s have to brag about. Perhaps I can take this opportunity to MFRW Blog Challenge bragbrag about them for a minute? I’ve gotten to know them quite well over this 52-week #MFRW Blog Hop Challenge and they’re some pretty awesome people! I bet they have something fantastic to share.

9 thoughts on “Let Me Brag—Wait, I Think My Horn Is Broken”

  1. Robin MichaelaRobin Michaela

    I had a hard time with this topic, too. I suspect everyone else will, as well… Congrats on your twin’s straight A’s – that’s great! (I have numerous (unused) exercise CD’s, too, lol).

    November 17, 2017
  2. Meka JamesMeka James

    Bragging about the family is always a good way to go. And the pup. Sure there can be plenty to brag about where that cuteness is concerned.

    congrats on your twins both having straight A’s. That is a major accomplishment as classes are getting harder and harder each year.

    November 17, 2017
  3. Sherry LewisSherry Lewis

    Yeah, this week’s topic was rough! Congrats on the kids’ grades. That’s wroth bragging about 🙂

    November 17, 2017
  4. Alina K. FieldAlina K. Field

    I love your sense of humor.
    Congrats on the straight A’s. I know your girls had to do the work, but you must have helped provide the inspiration.

    November 17, 2017
  5. Ed HoornaertEd Hoornaert

    Bragging about family is always acceptable. About cute little dogs, too. And, most especially, about your writing. If you don’t think it’s great, why bother?

    November 17, 2017
  6. Helen HendersonHelen Henderson

    Love the title. It is hard to be a blatant self-promoter when you’re an introvert. Even when you grab your collar and do it, you are exhausted afterwards. congrats on the straight “A” students.

    November 17, 2017
  7. Kenzie MichaelsKenzie Michaels

    I used to do Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ To The Oldies series….there was always one song I wimped out on, and Disco Sweat was the hardest!

    Congrats on the kids’ grades:)

    November 18, 2017

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