My Easy Want To Do List For Someday…Or Today

Welcome to this week’s Marketing for Romance Writers (#MFRW) 52-week blog challenge. Initially, I thought this week’s topic, 5 Things on my BUCKET LIST, would be easy. I jotted down a few ideas week’s ago. I thought I had this blog post in the bag, or should I say, the bucket. But after reviewing my tentative list, I realized these didn’t really fit on a “bucket list”.

I Have an Easy Button

As I’ve told my family time and time again, it’s easy to make me happy. When I looked at what I listed, I realized most of these weren’t what people would put on a “bucket list”. These they were dreams, goals, or something that is probably easily obtained by most—but apparently, not me.

Oh The Places I Might Go

What I didn’t add to my list are the beautiful places that I hope to visit one day. A list of places I dream of visiting one day such as Ireland, Italy, a cross-country road trip to see all of the beautiful USA. I have the desire to see more of this beautiful world, but what tempers that a little is the whole traveling part. If you read my prior post about how I’m on the fast track for hermit-dom you might understand. So sure, the big, beautiful world is on my bucket list. Once a teleport machine is invented.

Publish All The Stories

As an author, the one thing that is forefront in my mind is getting all of my drafts published. Or as I like to call it, sending my babies out in the world. Since I tend to write a sloppy first draft, there is much editing involved. And since I tend to be easily distracted, I tend to jump from story to story. Therefore, I have a full first draft (in need of much editing) of four full-length novels, plus the hot mess that I just finished with #NaNoWri. This doesn’t include multiple other stories that are started, or jotted down as ideas clamoring for me to begin.

I fear as I'm gasping for my last breath I’ll clutch the hubs sleeve to whisper, “The #stories. Must finish the stories.” #MFRW Click To Tweet

All Writing All The Time

If I were to achieve this then perhaps I could complete the prior item on my bucket list, which is to “publish all the stories.” I often dream of the day when the only thing filling my very cluttered mind is my stories and that I could truly devote most of my energy to my creative writing. I’m sure my vision of this endeavor may not quite match the glamor of it in my mind, but it would certainly be better than haunting my friends and family muttering about unfinished stories.

My fellow writers might understand the delicious torment of the characters. Their relentless need to find release from my mind on the page is the only thing that gives me peace. Otherwise, it’s getting mighty crowded in there.

A Jammie Day

Here is the one that might be easier to accomplish than finishing all my drafts, and writing full time. I’ve never had what I consider a “jammie day”. I hear others speak of magical days in which they intentionally spend the entire day in their

scruff and bucket list
Scruff thinks there is no excuse not to relax- no jammies required.

pajamas relaxing and I’m filled with envy. What has become of their “to-do” list?! The only times I’ve spent all day in pajamas were days I prefer not to repeat because I’m usually pretty ill.

I know you might wonder what the big deal is and why don’t I just take my jammie day. Sounds easy, right? It’s not, at least not for me, because I’ve tried.

The concept is wearing jammies means that I would do nothing all day. Except maybe up the ante and watch mindless, awesome television or movies for the entire day. Gasp! I’ve tried rebelling and leaving on my jammies and then…

  • I realize I have somewhere to go. I just can’t be one of those people out and about in their pajamas.
  • Or I fear someone might stop over
  • Or the guilt overtakes me that I’ve not crossed anything off my endless to do list.

So the closest I’ve gotten is the days I work at home and throw on comfortable clothes and look like a homeless person. 

Only Four—For the Bucket List

I said I was easy, right? Hence why I only have four things I can think of for my list, although a few could count as more than MFRW Blog Challenge bucket listone thing. Don’t forget to follow the blog hop and read the other author’s real bucket lists and not just my hodgepodge musings.

What’s On Your Bucket List?





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16 thoughts on “My Easy Want To Do List For Someday…Or Today”

  1. Sherry LewisSherry Lewis

    Oh dear, I hope you can get over the guilt of a jammie day! I never worry about someone stopping by. I figure it someone’s rude enough to stop by without calling first, they;ll surely understand if I’m rude enough not to answer the door 🙂

  2. Helen HendersonHelen Henderson

    I agree about jammie day. If I’m not up and dressed in at least sweat pants and tshirt, it means I literally can’t get out of bed. Being too sick to stand is never fun. Love the last breath.

  3. Kenzie MichaelsKenzie Michaels

    My mom always used the 1st day of any vacation (except Christmas; she used the 26th!) as ‘jammie day’….she’d stay in bed as long as she wanted, and let us kids do what we wanted (within reason, of course!). We quickly learned this was the day to stay in bed and read!

    Now I was never able to get my spouse ‘on board’ with that idea, so I’ve begun taking each Sunday as my ‘goof off’ day…I only wear my sweats, and stay off the internet. I also declare Super Bowl Sunday and a few other choice days as ‘my day off’ from all things Mommy-related (IE: Housework).

  4. Alina K. FieldAlina K. Field

    My “Scruff” won’t let me have a jammies day. She’s gotta have a walk, and I can’t do it in my nightclothes unless I want someone to come and take me away, LOL!

  5. Robin MichaelaRobin Michaela

    Wow, a TOTAL jammie day sounds great (minus being sick). It would be heaven to lounge all day and not worry about a thing (including answering the door or walking a pet). I hope you get a guilt-free jammie day soon (maybe Scruff needs to ask for a super-long leash for Christmas. Then you could lay on the couch while he wandered in the back yard where no one would see you, lol).

  6. Meka JamesMeka James

    I don’t wear jammies, but I am in ‘bum’ wear most days. Meaning some sort of elastic pants and an over-sized shirt. Putting on a pair of jeans is ‘dressed up’ to me. LOL

  7. Ed HoornaertEd Hoornaert

    It seems your idea of a jammie day involves having no outside tasks to do. I’d add another item to your list: learn to say no to all the little tasks that interfere with my jammie day!

  8. Mary J. McCoy-DresselMary J. McCoy-Dressel

    There is nothing wrong with your “hodgepodge musings.” Your list was enjoyable to read. When I had my dog, I longed for those days of not getting into real clothes all day. Now that she’s gone, I still get dressed, but that doesn’t mean what I’m wearing is fit for leaving the driveway.

  9. Shari ElderShari Elder

    I like practical, achievable bucket lists. Its easier to work towards them. If they are pie in the sky, its easier to give them up.

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