Still Charmed by My First Magical Story

So it begins…a new year, a new month, and a new 52-week Blog Challenge from Marketing for Romance Writers (#MFRW). You didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily, did you? This week’s topic is Favorite Thing I’ve Written (and why). My first thought was how in the world could I pick a favorite story? That’s like asking to choose one child over another. (Well, not quite, but kind of.) But with most things, the first is often the most magical.

If You Loved The Show Charmed

Like many fantasy and paranormal shows, I was drawn to the show Charmed immediately. I have three sisters myself, although that’s about where the similarities end. I do wish and dream that I can do magic, and I write about good witches. But so far I’ve had no luck gaining any of the charmed ones abilities.

I was taking one of my first extensive writing courses at the time and I needed to write an essay. Hence, That Magic Moment, was born.

A Short and Sweet Story

That Magic Moment isn’t a long story; in fact you can probably read the whole thing over a lunch break. But despite being an That Magic Moment, magical short storyauthor that tends to be long-winded and feel more vested in my novels, that doesn’t make this little story any less special to me.

Getting the…Email

I’d been writing essays, flash fiction and short stories for years. I never really thought I would send them to anyone to read or to consider for publishing. But when my assignment for the writing class was to submit a story, off went That Magic Moment to The Wild Rose Press.

I still remember checking my email that morning and seeing a response that they wanted to offer me a contract to publish it. I can recall exactly what I was doing (yoga stretches—yes while checking email, I used to be even better at multi-tasking. Mom of twins, remember? Lol). And I can still almost feel how my heart skipped a beat while reading those magical words. I didn’t tell anyone for several hours, just so I could savor the news all to myself.

The Start of My Journey

Scruff's magical momentThat story allowed me to believe that it was possible, that I could be published and that someone besides me and my family might like to read what I wrote. The journey from essay—to short story—to many edits—to getting a cover—to being published—was the best ride I ever went on.

Even though every new story gives me such a thrill, each time I look at that story I’m transported back to being a new author and experiencing the joy of sharing my characters with the world for the first time. That naïve author who didn’t even know what a blog was when TWRP encouraged all authors to have one. I had to look up what a blog was, lol.

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8 thoughts on “Still Charmed by My First Magical Story”

  1. Kenzie MichaelsKenzie Michaels

    I LOVED the show Charmed:) Did you notice the number of fellow blog challengers has doubled this year?

  2. Judy Hutt ThomasJudy Hutt Thomas

    I also loved Charmed… fun show. And TWRP is an awesome publisher to have started with (I edited with them back in the day…love that company!) Just downloaded your book 🙂 Happy Friday!

  3. Helen HendersonHelen Henderson

    Congrats on being able to recapture that joy of the first. May you have many more opportunities to do so.

  4. Ed HoornaertEd Hoornaert

    The Magic Moment sounds charming . . . or is that Charmed?

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