Writing, & Reading Book Pet Peeves

When You Didn’t Have Me at Hello

…And Other Book Pet Peeves

As an author, I’ve found it difficult to be too judgmental when I’m reading a book. Because I know just how much time and effort have gone into the story. How hard it probably was for the author to release their “baby” into the world for critical reviews and comments.

So when I realized the #MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge this week was for “My biggest pet peeve in a book” I had to pause.

But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one thing I could identify that makes me put the book down, or forget to pick it up again. Continue reading

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childhood memories #MFRW

Magical Memories from Back in the Day

When I’m watching a television show, or a movie, often the story will veer off to insert a flashback. An old memory used to recall some key piece of information, or to elicit a specific mood. The scene unfolds to a detailed vision as the character recalls that old memory. Then there’s me.

When I realized the 52- week #MFRW Blog Challenge for this week was A Childhood Memory well… There are a few that stand out in my mind, but they seemed random and unworthy of sharing—until I discovered the pattern. Continue reading

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Guest Author, Judy Ann Davis with book Four White Roses

Spotlight on Four White Roses, by Judy Ann Davis

When author friend, Judy Ann Davis told me she had a new release to spotlight, and that her story featured a ghost—I was all in. Her newest release entitled, Four White Roses, is a contemporary romantic suspense with paranormal elements and comedy. Now tell me, with that description how could this not be the perfect recipe for an awesome book? 

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