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It’s No Laughing Matter—Wait, Yes it Is

This week’s #MFRW Blog Challenge is “What Makes Me Laugh Out Loud”. This was a challenge for me, not because I couldn’t think of anything, but because I had to narrow it down a few since my list would be too long. As you might’ve noticed in my writing, my snarky blogs and my odd sense of humor—I love to laugh. That leads me to #1 on my list.  Continue reading

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Top 5 Places I’d Like to Visit Once I Stop Striving to be a Hermit

Welcome to this week’s edition of #MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge. The top 5 Places I’d like to visit. I assume we’re talking physically traveling? Not just mentally? That might seem like an odd, unnecessary clarification, but as an author, I often feel as if I’ve explored much more intricate details of the world and the countryside than I have. Because I’ve visited them in my mind. Continue reading

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Biking for a Spring ‘Tastic Time & Musings of the Mind

I love the seasons, hence why I love my home state of Pennsylvania so much. But because I’m fortunate enough to live very close to many of Pennsylvania’s bicycle paths, I get to experience a few of the seasons up close. Once spring is in the air, I begin to get the urge to grab my bicycle and escape to the paths in the woods. Here my mind and muse are free to wander to my stories.

Is it a coincidence that I write paranormal and fantasy and my muse loves the Ghost Town Trails? Hmmm…  Continue reading

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