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When the Reality in Your Story is a Fantasy World

This week’s challenge for #MFRW is “Words that Make Me Go Ick!” The problem is, I love words! There are very few individual words that make me go ick.

 But there is one way that an author can weave words together that leaves me frowning, or skimming the pages…it’s when I’m forced to endure too much perfection.

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Book Title

How I Hatch My Books From a Sentence & A Title #MRFW

Welcome to week 8 of the #MFRW 52- Week Blog Challenge! This week’s topic is how I choose a Book Title.

The truth is, most times I don’t choose my book title. The title chooses me. Continue reading

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What Kind of Music Do You Feed Your Ears?

MFRW Blog Challenge musicThis week’s blog challenge for #MFRW is entitled, Music to Write By. Ahhh, music—one of my true loves. It sets the mood, it makes me dance, it brings back memories. There’s one only time in my day when I never want to hear any music, and that’s when I’m writing.  Continue reading

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