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Imposter Tomato

If It’s My Last Meal, An Imposter Tomato Won’t Do

This week’s topic for the 52-week #MFRW Blog Challenge is entitled, “If I could eat ONE Last Meal.” I may be a mild-mannered, slow-to-anger, introverted author and unlikely to be spending my time on death row, but this is a topic I’ve thought of before. It’s not an extravagant or expensive meal, and really not even considered a meal, but there are very specific guidelines in it’s creation.  Continue reading

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Guest Author, Judy Ann Davis with book Four White Roses

Spotlight on Four White Roses, by Judy Ann Davis

When author friend, Judy Ann Davis told me she had a new release to spotlight, and that her story featured a ghost—I was all in. Her newest release entitled, Four White Roses, is a contemporary romantic suspense with paranormal elements and comedy. Now tell me, with that description how could this not be the perfect recipe for an awesome book? 

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bicycle, woods, path Spring Tastic Blog Hop

Biking for a Spring ‘Tastic Time & Musings of the Mind

I love the seasons, hence why I love my home state of Pennsylvania so much. But because I’m fortunate enough to live very close to many of Pennsylvania’s bicycle paths, I get to experience a few of the seasons up close. Once spring is in the air, I begin to get the urge to grab my bicycle and escape to the paths in the woods. Here my mind and muse are free to wander to my stories.

Is it a coincidence that I write paranormal and fantasy and my muse loves the Ghost Town Trails? Hmmm…  Continue reading

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