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Recharge while being overwhelmed

Struggling to Decompress with The Overwhelm

Welcome to this week’s Marketing for Romance Writers MFRW 52- week blog challenge topic What I Do to Recharge. We all get run down. Sometimes quicker than that cheap battery in the back of the cupboard you thought was still good. Although usually when I do it’s after trying to keep up with that weird, drum beating rabbit as it mocks my lack of energy by spinning in circles. Some days I can easily surpass that pink fluffy tailed bunny without breaking a sweat.

But other days, I can barely catch him even though I’m dancing as fast as I can to keep up with the pace of life. That’s because there’s something dragging me down quicker than a carb loaded meal—the overwhelm.
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Happiness, Dreams

Ten Years and I’m Living the Dream

All my life I’ve been a goal setter. I think it’s time to change that. Too many times what I think of as goals and aspirations are actually dreams. I’m better off setting a deadline for myself if I want to do more than dream it, but achieve it. But there’s one thing that I never put on my list of goals, until I realized it was the most important thing. Continue reading

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the writers life

A Day in My Life; Reality vs. Fantasy

This week’s topic for Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW) is A Day in My Life. I wear many hats, and a ‘day-job’ day, differs from a ‘freelance/ghostwriter day’ to an ‘author/writer day’. But I’m assuming you care more about the glamorous writer’s life that most non-writers envision it to be. Spoiler alert—they’re usually not all that glamorous. Continue reading

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