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Why Open Door Lovin’ Can Be As Frightening As A Psycho-killer

My husband introduced me to all the scary movies. To my surprise I discovered the “slasher” movies featuring psycho-killers who walked at the speed of molasses but never failed to catch the fleeing victim to hack them to pieces was no where near as terrifying as the —slowly opening door.

You’d think I’d be more frightened of the freakish, merciless assassins. The ones who couldn’t be outwitted despite lacking the ability to speak should be way more terrifying. Yet, when a lamp flickers, or a shadowy figure crosses by the window I’m all like, “Things just got real.”
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Favorite books to read

Magic & Romance & Sarcastic Wit—These are a Few of My Favorite Reads

My kindle is overflowing with magical worlds, love, suspenseful stories and humorous heroines. There is never enough time in the day to read and escape into these wonderful worlds. Welcome to #MFRW 52 week blog hop where this week’s topic is Favorite Books to Read. When I first saw this topic I felt overwhelmed, wondering how I could possible identify all of my favorite books to read. Then I realized, I do tend to navigate toward a certain type of story.  Continue reading

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Writing Resources

Cool Articles & Resources this week

Each week I spent countless hours reading emails luring me in to check out promises of stellar writing, cool new gadgets and ways to make my life better. Well…sometimes there’s a little bait and switch going on. Once I arrive at the link’s destination, I often find it’s nothing that I haven’t seen before, or at best it offers advice most would consider common sense.

But sometimes…I discover what I consider little nuggets of gold nestled. That’s why I keep looking, because I never want to stop learning. 

What I’m going to give you, is the gift of time by sharing some of the resources I liked the best this week. Continue reading

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