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Books are Delicious But I Wouldn’t Recommend Tasting Them

In an effort to carry on the long honored tradition of ladling guilt upon the younger generation, I love to tell my girls about how easy they have it. (Especially after innocent comments in their youth asking me how excited I was about women being allowed to vote —and if it was hard coming across the ocean in that boat with George Washington.) So when this week’s Marketing For Romance Writers (MFRW) Blog Challenge was simply Paperback, Ebook or Audio? I thought, back in my day I could only get a book at the library by using one of those horrible card catalogs. Continue reading

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Book Title

How I Hatch My Books From a Sentence & A Title #MRFW

Welcome to week 8 of the #MFRW 52- Week Blog Challenge! This week’s topic is how I choose a Book Title.

The truth is, most times I don’t choose my book title. The title chooses me. Continue reading

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Does a girl want watch a movie at home, or out, with her Valentine?

How a Girl Wants to spend her Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, would you prefer

Take me to to the movies
Cuddle on the couch
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Check out the Candy Hearts Romances Releasing this week and how to enter to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card. What girl wouldn’t want these sweet nothings whispered in their ear…

~Real Love ~ Say Yes ~ Tweet Me~ Me + You ~ Adore Me ~                         ~Melt My Heart~ Continue reading

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