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MFRW Blog my greatest strength

What Are Your Guilty Pleasures?

Welcome back to the #MFRW Blog Challenge! This week’s topic is sharing Seven Guilty Pleasures. This topic was more challenging than I anticipated. Either I don’t consider my little vices guilty pleasures—or I don’t have enough.
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MFRW Blog my greatest strength

A few of my favorite things…are in my basement #MRFW

So I did it. I stepped up, or rather sat down, and joined the Marketing For Romance Writers (MFRW) 52 week blog challenge. I admit I’ve gotten a little lazy on consistent blog posts and often neglect my own poor blog. 

No more. I’ve made the commitment! So every Friday. Yes, I realize this is Saturday. I said I made the commitment, I didn’t say I was quite on the ball for 2017 yet. As I was saying, Every Friday, I’ll have a post up related to the suggested topic, and so will all the other authors participating. 

This week, it’s about a few of my favorite things. (You’re welcome—the song has been stuck in my head and now I’m sharing it with you.)

I pondered this a few minutes. How I could narrow my favorite things down to a only a few? Then I realized that I have most of them…in my basement.  Continue reading

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