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My Writing Process & Other Methods of Frantic Procrastination

This week’s blog prompt for #MFRW is entitled Plot Away—my writing process. Right away I knew that just wasn’t going to do for me, because I had a problem with one of the words. Plot. If you’ve been around my ‘cyber home’ you’ve heard me say repeatedly about how I’m a ‘panster’ when it comes to writing. (Loosely defined as a writer who writes by the seat of their pants). This makes it hard to explain my writing process; it’s kind of a secret. Even to me.
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Book Title

How I Hatch My Books From a Sentence & A Title #MRFW

Welcome to week 8 of the #MFRW 52- Week Blog Challenge! This week’s topic is how I choose a Book Title.

The truth is, most times I don’t choose my book title. The title chooses me. Continue reading

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What Kind of Music Do You Feed Your Ears?

MFRW Blog Challenge musicThis week’s blog challenge for #MFRW is entitled, Music to Write By. Ahhh, music—one of my true loves. It sets the mood, it makes me dance, it brings back memories. There’s one only time in my day when I never want to hear any music, and that’s when I’m writing.  Continue reading

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