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If Only Laughter Was the Best Medicine

The topic for this week’s Marketing for Romance Writer’s 52-week Blog Hop is Life Lessons in My Book. Initially, the thought of a life lesson brought forth images of a deep meaningful message like that usually portrayed in a women’s fiction novel. Granted, I often get into the mood to immerse myself in such a serious read, but as you may notice, most of my books fall in the a little less than serious side. Although there are some life lessons that inevitably leak into my stories and most of these lessons can be applied to everyday, serious and shudder normal non-magical life.
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A Killer Amongst Us

Just received my invitation to Snookie’s funeral, Yasmine’s deceased goldfish. It will be at 11 a.m. After an hour of dramatic mourning, Yasmine determined Snookie would not receive the ‘traditional’ sea burial. She no longer believed he would return to the sea in this manner. 

No need for flowers, please send vodka or tequila for the parents who are coping with this ‘loss’ today…

“I think you and Dad killed Harold.”

Granted I wasn’t particularly fond of hermit crabs as pets. They looked more along the lines of spiders with claws. But I wouldn’t stoop to murder.

That would require touching them.

Yasmine pointed at her plate. “Where did you get these crab cakes?” Continue reading

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