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I Don’t Always Binge TV Shows, But When I Do… #MFRW

Before Netflix, and On Demand, the opportunity to binge watch television wasn’t available. That left me to suffer for a week, or more, waiting for the next installment. I adored shows like Charmed, The X-Files & Medium.

But now, like the joy of discovering an author with a series already complete, mass chunks of the story can be consumed at one time.  

I’m not a frequent binger of television shows. Generally, I don’t like the commitment. I have enough obligations with the demands of my characters to open myself up to more ‘time sucks’.

But sometimes, I get hooked into a show and I want to binge as much as I can. Continue reading

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Love for Sale- Candy Hearts Romances

As soon as the last decoration is put away—and often before then—the Valentine’s Day decorations begin filling the stores.

If you’re still recovering from your Christmas cookie coma and not in the mood for romance, The Wild Rose Press can help. They’re having a sale on all the Candy Hearts Romances to turn your thoughts toward love and warm your heart. 

Candy Hearts Romances are on Sale —40% Off 

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Living With a Writer Survivor Style #MFRW

Welcome to week 2 of Marketing for Romance Writer’s Blog Challenge (#MFRW). This week, I’m talking about How My Family Survives My Writing. MFRW Blog Challenge

I’ve been writing for a long time. So the early crack of dawn mornings, the laptop that appears to be an extension of my arm and the vacant expression are the norm for me. 

That’s just the #writerlife. But my family has found a way to deal with my odd, writerly ways and to pry me away from the characters who constantly vie for my attention. 

They’ve accomplished this feat, Survivor Style.
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