What Kind of Music Do You Feed Your Ears?

MFRW Blog Challenge musicThis week’s blog challenge for #MFRW is entitled, Music to Write By. Ahhh, music—one of my true loves. It sets the mood, it makes me dance, it brings back memories. There’s one only time in my day when I never want to hear any music, and that’s when I’m writing.  Continue reading

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Hobbies & Things that are Kinda Hobbies, But Not Really #MFRW

My Hobbies—When I’m Not Writing 

Welcome back to the #MFRW 52-Week Blog Challenge! Notice how this week’s topic specifically mentioned hobbies besides writing. I assume that’s to avoid hoppingMFRW Blog Challenge hobbies around to all these blogs and reading the same thing over and over again as a favorite hobby—writing. 
Never Fear! Writers are often introverts, but it takes a plethora of interests to craft these characters!  Continue reading

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Valentine Blog Hop

The Most Important Part of Valentine’s Day


Welcome to the ABA

A Time for Love

Valentine’s Day Blog Hop!

I’ve been with the hubs for a long time. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’ve been lucky to snag a man who is a gentlemen, and can stir some romance. Therefore, although I enjoy the fun of Valentine’s Day to show those we love just how important they are, I think that should happen all year long.

Therefore, when we had two beautiful girls fifteen years ago, I told my husband that he had a new role to play, one that was very important in shaping the minds and expectations of two little girls. He was, and will always be, their first valentine. Continue reading

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