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IMG_2951Meet the Authors of Indiana County

and Beyond

                            Windgate Vineyards and Winery

IMG_3899                                           Smicksburg, Pennsylvania

                                                Phone 814-257-8797


Saturday, May 7, 2016   1-3 PM


Tom Beck                               “Tommy Two Shoes Series”


Maureen Bonatch                 “Destiny Calling”, “Grandma Must Die”


George Boyle                        “You Oughta Write a Book….by George”


William Davis III                 “The Clive Aliston Mystery Series” Continue reading

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Vote for your favorite cover

Several paranormal romance author friends and I are releasing a paranormal romance anthology this year! Each of us features a different paranormal creature.

Psst! Mine is a witch!

Help us pick the best cover designed by the fabulous Abigail Owen. Which do you like best – the girl, or the moon?

Which Cover Do You Prefer

I prefer the girl on the cover
I prefer the moon on the cover

MoonMistMagic1-750MoonMistMagic2-750Thank you!

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My Review for Vikki Claflin’s- Who Left The Cork Out Of My Lunch?

Cork Cover

Are you a woman who has ever looked in the mirror and thought, “How did my mother get in my bathroom?” Have you gone through years of night sweats and seismic mood swings, leaving you with a metabolism that forces you to choose between wine and carbs (so you haven’t had a bagel in eight years)? Did you wake up one morning in someone else’s body? Then you will love this book.

If you ever made a regrettable hairstyle choice, finally conceded that thongs make you look like a Weeble in dental floss, or wished your Hubs would learn that grabbing your boobs every time you walk past him with a load of laundry is not foreplay, then you will love this book. Continue reading

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